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Shape of Chain

Operating from the right sites (and formats) from the right venues, through advanced location planning

We help organisations across the world to optimise their ‘shape of chain’ – the strategic development and transition of high performing geographic networks.

Underpinned by our extensive retail experience, together with access to a wide range of proprietary and market-leading data sources, our Shape of Chain team delivers a detailed understanding of network optimisation and spatial problem-solving for clients across the globe.

We apply a deep understanding of the drivers of variable site performance to assess roll-out potential and network optimisation for businesses of all sizes trading across a wealth of sectors, location types and geographies.

Shape of Chain

Our Shape of Chain experience derives from projects with >250 clients from around the world.

We use a unique blend of proprietary and third-party data with leading analytics and visualisation tools to deliver network optimisation strategies and interactive decisions support tools.

Shape of Chain delivers a range of benefits including:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved performance

Shape of Chain

Analytics-Driven Recommendations
Strategic Playbook
Predictive Performance Modelling: Informed by machine learning
Catchment Analytics: Understanding where customers live and their travel patterns
Space & Range Optimisation: Optimising site-level space and range mix to maximise performance
Cannibalisation Analytics: Understanding how sites interact and impact each other
Network Performance Analytics: Harnessing the power of site metrics to drive growth
Customer Analysis: Understanding customer profiles and hight propensity lifestyle groups
Channel 'Halo' Analytics: Modelling the affects of physical sites on online/direct sales & performance
Location Intelligence Tools: Harnessing spatial systems and models to deliver leading location-based solutions


e.g. regression, gravity, boost, random forest and neural net modelling informed by data science and machine learning platform Data Robot.
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Employing advanced gravity modelling and proprietary datasets such as RETAILNATION.
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We build models for department stores and multi-category retailers to optimise store layout and product category / range mix.


See our Primark case study for a real-life example of how we deploy cannibalisation analytics to inform recommendations and decision-making for our clients.


See our blog about the impact of improved retail store location planning to learn how improved network performance analytics can drive better investment decisions and overall business performance


We use a range of UK and international segmentation tools to leverage a wealth of demographic, geographical, lifestyle and behavioural information. This is used to understand, target and connect with consumers. Our telco merger case study is just one example of customer analytics playing a vital role in determining an optimal ‘shape of chain’ strategy


Read our blog about the ‘halo effect’ for in-depth insight into the true value of the store in an increasingly omni-channel retail environment


Advanced analytics tools leveraging the principles of traditional GIS and latest data science techniques

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Carl Bradbrook leads the Retail Analytics & Data Insights practice and manages key partner relationships.  Carl has experience across a wide range of industry sectors, helping organisations with their site location strategy, analytics and data visualisation.