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Retail Technology Strategy & Transformation

Javelin Group develops a three to five year retail technology strategy derived from your business strategy, providing a clear view of priorities to address in your application portfolio, core infrastructure, technology skills and IT operating model.

There are many competing pressures on a retailer’s technology function – for example, enabling greater digital engagement with customers, improving efficiency in basic retail functions such as merchandising, and ensuring rock solid reliability of critical services such as POS. Often technology departments are managing some applications that are out-dated, with limited resources to deliver improvements.

Our structured approach helps define your priorities in a formal technology strategy. You will gain insight into the strength of your existing application portfolio, team and processes, assess the impact of making changes and finally deliver a fully costed transformation programme, focused on your business priorities and aligned to your budget expectations.

A strategic approach to retail systems architecture

Many retailers of scale have at least one ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution covering key back office functionality and often a wider footprint supporting, for example, merchandise planning, merchandise management and supply chain functions such as demand forecasting and warehouse management.

Alongside the ERP is a mix of in-house developed applications and a wide range of best-of-breed packages and legacy solutions. Introducing change into this complex mix of applications, with their critical interdependencies, can be time-consuming and expensive, both to design and develop as well as to test and deploy.

For this reason, significant change in retail systems architecture is best approached strategically, a process on which we are extremely well-positioned to advise.

Retail technology planning questions we address

Over many years of successful retail technology planning we have developed a very effective approach to answering the following questions:

  • Will our applications support the business in 3-5 years’ time?
    • Scale and growth
    • New function and services needed
    • Rapidly changing business needs
  • What changes are needed, and by when?
  • Should we enhance or replace?
  • If replace, should it be with an ERP or best of breed packages?
  • Should we consider custom software development and the use of microservice architecture?
  • Which specific solutions should we select and how should we integrate them?
  • How will we resource and manage the programme?
  • What effect will our strategy have on IT operating costs?
  • What skills will I need?
  • How should the IT organisation change to suit the future world?
  • How do I gain agility and speed of delivery while preserving application stability and performance?
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Anthony Farrow

Director, Technology & Systems Integration

Anthony Farrow runs our Systems Integration practice. He joined Javelin Group in 2001 and has many years of experience advising the world’s leading retailers, brands and B2Bs on retail and digital technology strategies. Anthony specialises in both consulting and delivery of complex global technology solutions including ecommerce, order management and product information management systems.