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Javelin Group selects and implements the best in class analytics database to provide efficient data storage and fast analytics.

Javelin Group wins Systems Integrator of the Year 2018 in the Exasol awards.

Exasol is the analytics database. Its high-performance in-memory analytics database gives organisations the power to transform how they work with data, on-premises, in the cloud or both – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

Exasol can be easily integrated into every IT infrastructure. It is SQL-compliant, compatible with leading ETL and BI products such as Alteryx and Tableau.

Key characteristics

  • Unrivalled performance – Unlock analytics as fast as you think – and get unrivalled performance, anywhere you have data.
  • Significantly reduced TCO – An intelligent, self-tuning and resource-efficient database – giving you complete cost predictability for your cloud, on-premises or hybrid strategy.
  • Unifying AI and BI. Operationalise your AI, ML and BI teams – using any BI tool and data science language.
  • Complete freedom to adapt and change. With no platform, vendor or architecture lock-in.

Click here to download a free trial of Exasol.

For more information, please contact Carl Bradbrook at or on +44 (0)20 7961 1328 to discuss your requirements.

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Carl Bradbrook

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Carl Bradbrook leads the Retail Analytics & Data Insights practice and manages key partner relationships.  Carl has experience across a wide range of industry sectors, helping organisations with their site location strategy, analytics and data visualisation.