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Data Visualisation

Analytics transformation: the move away from manual reports.

Javelin Group’s Design Thinking process has been used to help many retailers and brands create engaging dashboards to support business decisions. Visual best practice moves users away from creating manual reports containing tables, to new interactive dashboards that can be made available 24/7 to transform any business into being analytically powered.

Best practice visual design

  • Based on working with hundreds of retailers worldwide, Javelin Group’s Analytics team has experience working with clients from all departments, taking data from all systems and creating meaningful dashboards.

Interactive dashboards

  • The best user experience comes from new modern reports that are interactive and allows users to not only answer their original question, but allows further analysis of the data to answer new questions. Our team can help advise on how to create these new guided analytical dashboards.

Report automation

  • All insight can be automated to remove the need for analysts to work long hours. Using automation, redeploy these resources to generate impactful insight in the time saved and produce results that can drive the analytical transformation needed in your business.

Self-serve enablement

  • Remove the bottle-neck of analytical requests by allowing users that want to answer their own questions to self serve off of trusted, verified data sources. Create templates that can be used across the business to make creating insightful reports easy.

Design thinking workshops

  • Javelin Group’s consultants will work alongside analytical teams in-house to advise on how new dashboards can be built, whilst managing the change process away from existing legacy reports. End user adoption and feedback can be built into this process to continually improve the outputs to the business.

Best Practice Analytics Portal

For inspiration on what dashboards can be built for different functional areas, please see our live analytics dashboard portal. This contains a gallery of examples that our consultants can help you build and deliver.

For more information, please contact Carl Bradbrook at or on +44 (0)20 7961 1328 to discuss your requirements.

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Carl Bradbrook

Principal Director, Analytics & Data Insights

Carl Bradbrook leads the Retail Analytics & Data Insights practice and manages key partner relationships.  Carl has experience across a wide range of industry sectors, helping organisations with their site location strategy, analytics and data visualisation.