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Applied Spatial Intelligence

Javelin Group provides a scientific approach to location analytics, using spatial intelligence to drive future-proofed decision-making across industries.

Commercial Spaces: We advice landlords, investors and property manages on strategic optimisation of their assets
Shape if Chain: We use advanced spatial analysis and tools to advice organisations on location optimisation strategies
Travel Retail: We assess the commercial trading potential and optimum category and tenant mix for the major transport hub operators

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We also deliver enterprise-wide analytics for clients across the world

Analytics & Data Insight: We work closely with our Analytics & Data Insights team. Further details can be found by clicking here.


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Location Planning Practice

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Robin Bevan

Director, Location Planning

Robin Bevan runs our Location Planning practice. He has over 25 years’ experience in retail property, including location strategies for retailers, geographic channel strategies for brands, shopping centre strategies for developers and owners, due diligence for private equity investors and commercial space planning for travel hub operators, and has wide international experience, having worked in 20 countries. Robin is a PPE graduate from the University of Oxford and is based in London.