Operations Practice

End-to-end Retail Operations

Javelin Group helps leading retailers and brands to realise superior economic performance by transforming their end-to-end supply chain and retail operations for the digital era.

We help retailers and brands to serve their customers faster and more efficiently, with better service at lower cost by:

  • Equipping them with a clear view of their future buying, supply and selling (store, online, call centre and omni-channel) capabilities and of the roadmap for transformation
    • Current state assessment: as-is KPIs and cost to serve vs. retail best practice benchmarks
    • Future state design: to-be operating model and processes, team skills, structure and measures, technology, plan, phasing, opex, capex and benefits
    • Transformation roadmap design
  • Designing and managing the programme of change across their operations, process, physical assets and team
    • Programme management & QA, change management, process design, technology selection and implementation

Our end-to-end operations work addresses the following major questions:

  • How can we operate effectively across all channels?
  • How should we transform our supply chain to meet current and future customer demand? How do we make this happen quickly and with quality?
  • How will this transformation help us to become more efficient and reduce our cost base?
  • How should we restructure our organisation and manage this transformation?

Our dedicated team of retail specialists has many years of experience in the strategic transformation of retail supply chains, selling and service operations (in store and digital), with deep experience in all of the key functional areas (retail and ecommerce buying, merchandising, supply chain, logistics, retail store operations and contact centre). We have advised more than 100 leading retailers, as well as many brands and B2Bs in all product categories, across the world, on their strategic operational change.


  • Optimised store operations
  • Channel integration for product and service
  • Effective customer contact centres
  • Good wholesale, franchise and international operations
  • Efficient product data production
  • Leading digital in-store

Plan and Buy

  • Sourcing from the optimum supply
  • Right speed and agility for proposition
  • Extended ranges and own label to increase offer
  • Optimised margin
  • Reduced total cost of ownership


  • Integrated online and store logistics
  • Automation
  • Quality and control of operations
  • Optimised network design
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced capacity
  • Overall cost to serve management


  • Lower inventory & better availability
  • Integrated promotion and critical path planning
  • Optimised inbound flow and consolidation options
  • Robust exit and markdown strategy
  • Stock optimisation

Please see below for end-to-end retail operations clients and case studies, or contact Mark Johnson at mark.c.johnson@javelingroup.com or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Mark Johnson

Associate Director, Operations

Mark Johnson runs the Operations practice. Mark has over 20 years’ experience of supply chain, fulfilment and customer service, advising the world’s leading retailers & brands. Prior to joining Javelin Group, Mark worked for Spark Response, a third party direct to consumer outsourced fulfilment company and for Screwfix Direct.