Technology Strategy

Programme Leadership

Javelin Group helps retailers setup and deliver major transformation programmes.

Implementation planning and setup

  • We work with a retailer’s executive team to setup a programme with strong planning and governance, including delivery roadmap, organisation structure and roles, budget and financial benefits case.
  • We describe the skills required to augment the internal team and help to interview external contractors – from single individuals for key roles through to a complete competitive systems integrator selection process.

Independent programme QA

  • For retailers commencing a significant transformation programme involving major technology investment, our senior retail technology consulting team provides an advisory, QA role. We offer an independent, external perspective and deep subject matter expertise to the steering group and programme leadership team. We ensure a retailer builds on lessons we have learned from involvement in many retail transformation programmes. Regular contact as well as intensive support during key phases of the programme is the best model for this work.
  • A retailer with a programme in crisis can turn to us for discreet project turnaround services. We rapidly give you a view of programme status and list the key urgent actions required to turn it around. We also deliver senior resource to take on key roles or to provide temporary relief and mentoring and support to staff under pressure.
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Technology Consulting Practice

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Martin Ryan

Director, Technology Strategy

Martin Ryan runs our Technology Consulting practice. He has 20 years of experience in the consulting industry helping some of the world’s largest retailers and brands with their technology strategies. Martin started his career with IBM in the 1990s and has a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford.