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Location & Consumer Data

Javelin Group’s understanding of retail locations and consumers is informed by a range of specialist datasets.

We combine our proprietary datasets with relevant external market and demographic data to gain a 360 degree perspective of the retail marketplace to inform our project work. All the datasets are available to license as standalone products or delivered within one of our recommended business intelligence software tools.

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Venue insight


VENUESCORE ranks retail venues in all major European countries.

  • VENUESCORE ranking of retail venues is available in over 15 countries including: UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Russia.
  • VENUESCORE rates towns, shopping malls, factory outlet centres, retail warehouse and fashion parks using a consistent weighted scoring system based on presence of leading multiple retailer brands
  • VENUESCORE UK provides:
    • National ranking of 20,000+ venues
    • Venue growth/decline
    • Venue market positioning
    • Venue age positioning
    • Venue tourism positioning
    • Category orientation (e.g. food, fashion, bulky goods etc.)

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SHOPSCORE gives participating retailers a unique mechanism for benchmarking store performance by retail venue in the UK and Ireland.

  • SHOPSCORE includes 45,000+ store records covering 1,000+ venues for sales, space and productivity
  • SHOPSCORE participants include retailers such as M&S, Boots, WHSmith, New Look, Sainsburys, Debenhams, TK Max, Bensons for Beds, Topshop, GAP, John Lewis, McDonalds, JD Sports etc.
  • SHOPSCORE is used to:
    • Benchmark store performance against the venue
    • Evaluate the trading strength of new venues
    • Establish under- vs over-rented venues
    • Understand how much the venue drives store performance
    • Understand “big picture” trends in UK retail performance, e.g. High streets vs malls, in-town vs. out-of-town, over- vs. under-rented, regional differences, by location grade etc.


SITESCORE is a unique indicator of site quality in UK retail venues defining primary, secondary, tertiary and off-pitch scores using a proprietary methodology.

  • SITESCORE is a quality measure by postcode based on anchor store presence, VENUESCORE, quality, score and distance to adjacent “retail postcodes”
  • SITESCORE is used by:
    • Retailers to assess store primeness consistently across chain
    • Developers to assess pitch shift following development

Catchment insight


RETAILNATION is the most accurate and comprehensive definition of UK retail catchments and venues available.

  • RETAILNATION combines three key inputs:
    • 5 million+ shopper surveys
    • Javelin Group’s VENUESCORE and SHOPSCORE surveys
    • Javelin Group’s gravity model of national shopping patterns
  • RETAILNATION provides accurate catchment definitions for 1,000+ retail venues
  • RETAILNATION profiles shoppers by retail venue (vs. catchment)
  • RETAILNATION quantifies available catchment spending by category
  • RETAILNATION estimates venue market sizes
  • RETAILNATION is informed by real transport data (GPS sat navs and public transport timetables)


X-SPEND is a geographic spend model that is created using data from various partner sources to quantify accurate spend estimates across a range of categories.

  • X-SPEND determines spending propensities by lifestyle segment across a range of product categories
  • X-SPEND allows retailers to identify the channel split spend profile of an area:
    • Store only
    • Direct only
    • Store to direct
    • Direct to store
  • Spend projected out to 2020 and beyond
  • X-SPEND superior to other small sample national datasets

Consumer segmentation

Personicx utilises a wealth of demographic, geographical, lifestyle and behavioural information to segment the UK market place into 55 robust clusters, allowing you to effectively understand, target and connect with consumers. As the number of touch-points continues to grow, digital identities and behaviours evolve. Personicx now includes a vital digital dimension allowing users to plan marketing engagements effectively across channels.

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No other consumer classification has such a wide international coverage. CAMEO covers over 40 countries, each with a country specific segmentation and a universal International CAMEO code. This helps you link your classification strategy across borders, enabling a truly global approach to consumer segmentation.

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Specialist datasets

Through a variety of industry partnerships, Javelin Group is able to provide access to a range of specialist data sources for both the UK and the rest of the world. Example datasets include:

  • Census 2011
  • Worker population
  • Footfall
  • Debit and credit card data
  • Mobile phone network data
  • Economic forecasts
  • Population projections
  • Retail business locations
  • Car parks
  • Public transport travel times
  • Consumer lifestyle/demographic data
  • Business data
  • Geographic boundaries

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