Analytics & Data Insights

Location & Consumer Data

Javelin Group’s understanding of retail locations and consumers is informed by a range of specialist datasets.
We combine proprietary location intelligence datasets with ‘best in class’ external data from our network of global partners.

Our datasets inform our strategy and advisory work, and are available to license as standalone products or delivered within one of our recommended business intelligence software tools through our Analytics & Data Insight team.

Learn more about our datasets below:

Venue Insights

Retail supply

Ranking & profiles of retail venues in all major countries worldwide

VENUESCORE ranks retail venues in all major countries worldwide

Retail supply across each market is detailed by positioning, category and location, built through a combination of data sources such as Google metadata, business directories, retailer store lists, online research and physical retail audits.

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Performance benchmarking

Unique insight into how stores actually perform by retail venue across the UK & Ireland

SHOPSCORE gives participating retailers a unique mechanism for benchmarking store performance by retail venue in the UK and Ireland. SHOPSCORE includes 45,000+ store records covering 1,000+ venues for sales, space and productivity

SHOPSCORE participants incorporate full spectrum of UK retail, from high-street fashion to F&B operators.

Future health of the high street

Forecast trajectory of UK urban centres, based on retail, consumer and macro-economic forces

DESTINYSCORE is an assessment of the health of the UK’s high streets, as they continue to change rapidly in the face of shifting consumer trends and digital disruption

The store portfolios of 200+ leading UK retailers have been assessed alongside a comprehensive range of retail venue ‘stress indicators’, to classify town centres from ‘challenged’ to the most ‘stable’

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Pitch quality indicator

Indicator of quality of pitch for town centres to inform micro-location decisions

SITESCORE is a unique indicator of site quality in UK retail venues, at a postcode-level, defining primary, secondary, tertiary and off-pitch scores using a proprietary methodology

Catchment Insights

Retail catchments

Comprehensive definition of retail catchments, shopping patterns & venue market sizes

RETAILNATION is an accurate and comprehensive definition of retail catchments across each market

It utilises a number of inputs – including Javelin Group’s VENUESCORE survey, real transport data (satnav GPS data and public transport timetables), and a gravity model of national shopping patterns

Spend landscape

Geographic spend model to quantify accurate spend estimates across a range of categories and channels

X-SPEND is a geographic spend model, created using data from various partner sources to quantify accurate spend estimates across a range of categories

It is built at a granular postal / administrative geography level and is projected out to 5 years (and beyond)

Data Partnerships

Through a variety of industry partnerships, Javelin Group is able to provide access to a range of specialist data sources for both the UK and the rest of the world. Example datasets include:

Javelin Group uses leading analytics software tools and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to build, interrogate and analyse an extensive range of datasets.



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