Why Javelin Group?

As an Associate Consultant at Javelin Group, you will have responsibility from day one, unrivalled client contact, and the opportunity to acquire the suite of skills required of a first-class strategy consultant, as well as retail and consumer sector expertise.

You will work in a meritocratic environment, alongside people as bright and ambitious as yourself, and quickly be able to build in-depth knowledge of the retail and consumer sectors, while working with top clients on the most challenging questions and innovative solutions in the industry today.

Our defining characteristics of intellectual honesty, dedication to learning, retail and consumer expertise, and an open and collaborative working environment. Clients know that they will get honest recommendations from us with the best interests of their shareholders in mind.

Specialist knowledge in a fast-paced industry

trolleysThe scale and pace of change in retailing and consumer-facing industries makes our industry one of the most exciting to work in. As a graduate, the understanding of these businesses that you will rapidly develop with us will stand you in good stead for the future, whichever direction you choose to take in your career.


Learning from expert colleagues

All of our consultants are retail and consumer experts. Some have developed this knowledge through their consultancy career, while others have years of senior management experience at retailers working in supply chain management, buying & merchandising, store operations or ecommerce. We combine these different backgrounds and skills to provide the highest quality work for our clients. You too will benefit from this breadth of experience in the people you work with on a day-to-day basis.

Friendly and open culture

We have a very non-hierarchical and informal management style in which colleagues know that their opinions, whether about a project or about Javelin Group’s own direction, will be listened to and debated. The office is an enjoyable, inclusive place to work, with the friendly and open culture permeating throughout life at Javelin Group.

Continuous learning and feedback

why_javelin_group_imageWe are committed to enhancing the retail expertise within our firm through training, rotation of staff across different types of projects, the development and transfer of industry-leading methodologies, and the allocation of time to explore new retail and consumer concepts and formats. We also hold regular ‘Jav Uni’ sessions in which people from across Javelin’s business present to the rest of the company on topics including recent projects, new industry developments, and essential consulting skills. Informal and formal feedback is encouraged throughout projects and during regular buddy and line manager meetings.

Meritocratic environment with quick progression

You will work in a meritocratic environment and be judged on the quality of your work. There’s a culture of trust and responsibility allowing graduate Associate Consultants to gain client exposure, develop their skills and progress as quickly as they can. Three of the current Associate Directors in the Strategy practice joined Javelin Group fewer than 10 years ago as graduates.

Respect for work/life balance

Working hard is expected but we try to keep a fair work/life balance. Although long hours are required at peak times, there is no culture of presenteeism and project managers will seek to actively accommodate any prior commitments.

Competitive rewards

We offer a highly competitive base salary and a comprehensive benefits package.

Central London location

londonTravel requirements vary between clients and between projects. We try to have a balance between working from Accenture’s London office, allowing us to leverage expertise across the company, working from home and working on-site with our clients to maintain close contact and a collaborative working relationship.

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