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As an Associate Consultant in the Javelin Group Strategy practice, you will be part of a friendly, collaborative team, with colleagues as ambitious, bright and hard-working as yourself.

Typically, your colleagues will be:


Working collaboratively with colleagues within teams is key to our success. As a new member of the Strategy practice, you will quickly realise that the biggest source of knowledge is the team around you, with years of experience in the sector. Learning from each other is encouraged and supported by formal and informal training, and knowledge sharing.


The benefit of working in a sector as exciting, fast-paced and relevant as retail is that it’s easy to be interested in the trends and changes. New information, observations or insights are often shared around the team by email. In addition, we have ‘communities’ who are groups of colleagues interested in a particular topic (e.g. mobile, technology trends) and keep the rest of the team informed.


One of the highlights of working at Javelin Group is the opportunity to work with other bright people, who will support and challenge you, and stretch your thinking, analysis and output. Building on our collaborative working environment, it’s usual and encouraged to discuss ideas, concepts and arguments with your project team or other graduates.


We are keen to learn and share learnings among the rest of the Strategy team. In such a fast-paced, interesting sector, sometimes the best way to learn is to experience personally the retail offering whether it’s online or in-store. For example, on a project focusing on hot drinks, we spent the day travelling around London looking at innovative new formats and flagship stores.


We have a passion for the retail and consumer industries and we are keen to learn as much as we can, as well as get involved in a wide range of activities, such as other team projects, industry research or even first-hand experience via online shopping.


Our office culture is friendly and inclusive, and we get to know our colleagues well as we are based in the London office most of the time. A long list of social activities, such as informal Friday night drinks, monthly Jav socials, Strategy team dinners, breakfasts with our Directors, football and netball teams, Javelin Group ski trip & our annual Christmas party, means there are also plenty of opportunities to engage with colleagues outside the office.


We pride ourselves on our creative approach to solving our clients’ problems; we are forward-thinking people who challenge the norm. We forecast how customer needs are likely to evolve and help our clients build a business that not only addresses current trends but is also fit for the future.  

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