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I started on Javelin Group’s Graduate scheme in 2012 and have quickly worked my way up through the ranks to Associate Director in the Strategy practice. It was my first job after graduating from a Modern Languages degree at the University of Cambridge. It’s fair to say that I fell in to consulting, and feel very lucky that I landed on my feet at Javelin Group. As well as being leading in its field, the varied work and great team are a huge part of why I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, going to work every morning.

As an Associate Director, my time on any given day is split between managing client projects (liaising with the client, guiding junior colleagues, reviewing work etc.) internal practice development (refreshing Javelin Group’s methodologies, recruitment etc.) and selling new work to prospective and existing clients.

I have worked on projects for many leading retailers and brands across sectors (though a focus on luxury and grocery) and geographies (generally EU-focused), primarily on omni-channel customer experience strategy and digital transformation. The scope of work always varies from client to client and we typically start a new project every 6 to 10 weeks so it is difficult to get bored!  I genuinely find our projects really interesting. I still find it exciting working for retailers I know and shop with, and this tangible nature of our consulting specialism was a huge appeal of Javelin Group. That’s not to say every project is for my favourite fashion brand or electricals brand, there are some more niche projects every now and again… and these typically turn out to be the most interesting!

Javelin Group prides itself on being a collaborative and friendly place to work. The team is relatively small, but close and the culture is open (I sit facing our CEO in the open plan office). Good work is rewarded and Javelin Group offers a great place to quickly develop strong consulting and retail expertise.


St Catharine’s, University of Cambridge
Modern and Medieval Languages (French and German)

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