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Interviewing at Javelin Group

Our interviews we test the way you think and how you approach a problem (it’s not always about reaching the right answer) and your interest in and ideas about retail.

One way to prepare is to read Retail Week, which will tell you something about the issues faced by retailers. Another would be to think about the retailers you like and dislike, and why you feel this about them. It might also be helpful for you to research the top 10 retailers, and what they do. You may also find it useful to practice some case studies and numeracy tests before your interviews.

Our initial application process is managed by our graduate recruitment partner, the Cornell Partnership. Please apply via the Cornell website at with your CV and covering letter. All the stages of the recruitment process are shown below. The application window for the 2021 graduate intake will be open from 7 September to 22 November 2020.



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