Team profile – Katie

Why did you choose to apply for Javelin Group?

Whilst studying for my Master’s I spent some time working in the fashion sector, I knew I wanted to continue working in retail and Javelin Group offered unrivalled access to leading retailers and brands. Working in a small team gives a great view into their inner workings and challenges of clients, as well as access to senior stakeholders early on in your career. Consultancy also offers the opportunity to work on many different projects in a short space of time, meaning the learning curve is steep and graduates rapidly gain industry experience and expertise across diverse sectors.

Another real differentiator was the people I met whilst interviewing, they were both intelligent and knowledgeable about their field but also very friendly and down-to-earth.

What is the work/life balance like?

Like many other consultancy firms the work at Javelin Group is fast paced, but there is also a big focus on achieving a strong work life balance. With the exception of the very occasional late night, we are finished at a reasonable time and are able to protect certain evenings in advance if we have specific plans. There are also lots of social events including dinners, drinks and team sports which I am looking forward to as we get back to reality!

Do you have any advice for applicants?

Retail knowledge is probably one of the most important areas, so I’d recommend spending time looking at high street shops, supermarkets and websites, but analysing them from the point of view of customer experience. Reading about current retail trends and technological developments is equally important – Retail Week and retail sections of major newspapers are a good starting point. I’d also make sure to practice mental maths, aptitude tests and case studies (especially market sizing) – there is a lot of information available online about the format of consulting interviews so read up. The classic advice of ‘be yourself’ also rings true – since every project involves working in a team, we’re looking for people who are genuine and friendly.


University of Exeter
Management & Italian

King’s College London
M.A. Arts & Cultural Management

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