Travel retail leader, St Pancras International launches ‘StP’ app, developed in partnership with Javelin Group and Paythru.

Javelin Group and Paythru’s app for St Pancras International ‘StP’ wins Best Retail Innovation Using Mobile in the Mobile Innovation Awards 2015.

London, 13 January 2015. Developed in partnership with Paythru and Javelin Group, London St Pancras International is the first UK train station to launch a retail and consumer app – ‘StP’, allowing retailers and customers to capitalise on new travel shopping and mCommerce trends.

st-pancrasLondon’s St Pancras International (‘St Pancras International’), home of Eurostar, National Rail and the UK’s only high-speed rail services, has become the first UK train station to launch a consumer focused free-to-download app, called ‘StP’. The exciting venture for St Pancras International will create additional ability to drive business across retail outlets operating in the station through targeted and customised promotional offers to visitors’ smartphones. This pioneering launch will allow both St Pancras International and its retailers to take advantage of the rapidly-expanding travel retail sector and to gain a foothold in the increasingly lucrative mCommerce industry.

Retailers, including Bsix, Rituals and BHRC which were among the first to sign up, will be able to capitalise on busy periods such as lunchtime rushes or arrivals from Europe and engage with app-users immediately by creating real-time offers as people walk through or approach the station. The app allows for promotional offers to be customised in-store by the retailer and set to target particular consumer age brackets, genders and profiles giving retailers a real-time interactive platform and opportunity to capitalise on traditionally quiet periods. UK-based leading provider of mCommerce solutions, Paythru Limited has developed the app which applies the company’s ‘Ignite’ contextual marketing platform and mobile payments capabilities. Its technology, which can be white-labelled and customised to suit retailer’s requirements, is proven to be significantly more effective than traditional promotional methods in increasing new customer traffic flow and basket sizes.



Analytics are provided to the retailers as part of the ‘StP’ app from Paythru’s Ignite platform which enables both retailers and the station as a whole to better engage with customers and best utilise their space to maximise sales and improve customer experience. Javelin Group will be working with the HS1 team to deliver insights back to the retail tenants to help them target their messaging to the most receptive customer groups.

In addition to the substantial benefits for retailers, ‘StP’ will also provide significant financial rewards for customers and save them valuable time. Customers can browse offers from their offices and homes, allowing them to plan their shopping trips in advance as well as save money. Additionally, the app has the potential to offer click and collect services between London and Paris, allowing travellers from St Pancras International to take advantage of offers in the French capital before they have even arrived. Wayfinding capabilities, real-time travel information, information regarding the history of the Victorian Grade 1 listed St Pancras building and facts about the local area are also available, allowing visitors to the station to take advantage of the full St Pancras International experience.

The ‘StP’ app is the latest digital development at St Pancras International, which launched high-speed public Wi-Fi in June 2014, which, when fully-rolled out will have enough capacity to allow 7,000 people to stream High Definition content simultaneously.

Visitors are able to download the free app from the Apple App Store as well as the Play Store before or during their visit to the station.

Wendy Spinks, Commercial Director of HS1 Ltd., owners of St Pancras International, said: “This sort of technology is revolutionary for a train station and we are proud that St Pancras International continues to lead the way in travel retail. Not only will the app be invaluable to locals and tourists alike, it will also showcase the range of retail outlets that are on offer in a new exciting digital format.”

Keith Brown, Managing Director at Paythru said: “We are delighted to be working with St Pancras International Station in London on this exciting new venture. The development of this app highlights St Pancras International’s strong understanding of the increasing importance of engaging with customers through their mobile devices, and our contextual marketing platform Ignite, which also facilitates mobile payments, allows retailers within the station to participate in the exciting and emerging mCommerce revolution.

“Customers also benefit substantially through money-saving promotions and ease of access to information both regarding their journey and surroundings. Its functionality is second to none. It even has the ability to target users in the local area in real-time, all you’ll need to do is download the app, enter your age and gender and your own tailored experience awaits you. For retailers, they will benefit from potential higher customer numbers and increased basket size, and in turn, revenues due to the enhanced and relevant customer experience they provide within the station.”

Robin Bevan, Director of Locations & Analytics at Javelin Group said: “Our research with HS1 shows just how significant the role played by impulse purchasing is at St Pancras International. By letting passengers know about the great promotions and events that reflect their interests, at a time and place that is most relevant to them, means that the ‘StP’ app has the potential to really move the dial in terms of passenger experience at the station. We are delighted to be involved in this ground-breaking project which has implications right across the travel and shopping centre sectors.”

Patrick Conway, Managing Director at Bsix said: “In line with today’s fast moving society, the ‘StP’ app eliminates the search through endless websites for passengers, co-ordinating St Pancras International suppliers at the touch of a button, a simple and effective app to book a service and purchase a product from the station.”

Louisa Kierath, Marketing Manager at BHRC – We Know London said: “We’re thrilled to be part of the ‘StP’ app launch. The app is easy to use, integrates some great technology and is supported by a strong team. We’re hoping to engage the commuter and international traveller market by developing offers to drive footfall into our outlets. Well done to the team on this project!”

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