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ELC launches mobile ecommerce website.

Early Learning Centre (ELC) embraces mobile commerce with launch of fully-integrated mobile website, built in record time by Javelin Group.

elc_mobileLondon, 25 May 2011. ELC, the UK’s leading toy retailer, has launched a new mobile commerce website with a complete product portfolio and full integration into its main ecommerce website and back office systems, with the help of its implementation partner Javelin Group, Europe’s leading retail and omni-channel consultancy and systems integrator.

ELC’s main ecommerce website was built last year by Javelin Group on the Demandware platform with complete integration into ELC’s backend systems, including call centre, order management and fulfilment. The development of the mobile commerce website has taken advantage of the in-built capabilities of the ELC platform to deliver a user experience optimised for the Smartphone ‘browser-buyer’ market.

Customers to the mobile website benefit from a full product list, site functionality consistent with the main ELC website, and a shared basket and purchase process. ELC benefits from simplified on-going management of both websites through a single set of business tools.

Having successfully delivered ELC’s ecommerce website, Javelin Group was selected to design and build the mobile commerce site, which was completed in just three months.

Jas Virdee, Executive Director at Mothercare PLC said: ‘In January this year, we made a tough request of Javelin Group to help us move into mobile commerce by delivering our mobile site by April. They met this challenge, working efficiently with our team to deliver a high quality site within our budget and timeframe. We have already seen an uptake of the site with orders being taken on the first day of our soft launch. We are very happy with the solution which has been delivered to us by Javelin Group.’

Tony Stockil, CEO at Javelin Group, said: “So far, relatively few retailers have successfully built a fully-integrated mobile site on their base ecommerce platform. We are very pleased to have delivered such a high quality solution on time and within budget.”

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