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eCommerce Architecture & Selection

Javelin Group selects the right ecommerce platform and associated technology such as order management systems (OMS), search and navigation, product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), web analytics, content management systems (CMS) and CRM.

Having delivered over 40 platform selections in the past four years, each with good results, we have evolved a specialised ecommerce platform selection service to help clients choose the right technologies for their business, covering both the core ecommerce solution and the many bolt-on applications which can significantly enhance ecommerce performance.

Independent experts with deep understanding of ecommerce requirements

We are well placed to recommend the best solution as we are independent and technology neutral, we understand the critical ecommerce requirements (we bring the top 450 to accelerate your requirements capture), we have a deep understanding of all of the leading platforms and additional applications, and, as an expert integrator, we understand the implementation challenges.

Typical projects:

  • Rapid platform selection  We develop a full set of functional requirements, review with a shortlist of platform vendors, and recommend the best fit technology (typically 4-5 weeks)
  • Full platform selection  We additionally send out an RFP, receive formal responses from vendors, arrange product demonstrations of agreed scenarios, and evaluate and score each vendor (typically 8-10 weeks)
  • Current platform versus the best alternative  We compare the current platform against the best alternative to enable an informed decision of whether to stay with the current platform or not
  • System integrator selection  We create a shortlist and select the best partner to implement the chosen technology (often this is done with a platform selection)

International reach across all retail sectors

Our reach is international, having run projects for retailers, brands, distributors and manufacturers in the UK, US, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Malaysia.

Our knowledge covers all retail sectors, including department stores, luxury goods, grocery, general merchandise, fashion, health and beauty, electrical, entertainment and toys as well as allied sectors such as telecoms, ticketing, tour operations and insurance.

Please see below for ecommerce selection clients, or contact Martin Ryan at or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.


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