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Javelin Group announces release of the latest version of Alteryx market leading analytics software for retail and ecommerce.

alteryx_logoLondon, 3 July 2013. Today’s retailers generate volumes of data about their customers, products, prices, stock levels, and channels. But, constrained by expensive, rigid and highly centralised business information solutions, few make the most effective use of the insights these data can generate. Recent breakthroughs in data analytics technology ensure that the coming retail era will be both nimble and smart. Tomorrow’s retailers will support smart decision-making at all levels of the enterprise, with fast, intuitive and very cost-effective tools. This will transform all of the key retail disciplines, from category management to store management, and from financial planning to customer insight: all will soon be based on fast, rigorous analysis and rational decision-making. Those who remain reliant on gut feel or old data will be eclipsed.

Alteryx software (already used widely in the US by the likes of Wal-Mart, Ford, McDonald’s, Southern States Co-Operative and VF Corporation) sits easily within the existing IT infrastructure, and allows organisations to blend and analyse huge volumes of data quickly and seamlessly from multiple sources.

Sophisticated analytics power is put directly into the hands of the business user with an intuitive drag and drop design environment, eliminating any need for users to learn or write code. Automated business reports can then be run by multiple users (either in the office or via mobile devices such as iPads). Robin Bevan, Director of Javelin Group’s Locations & Analytics practice, comments: “Our clients license Alteryx from us to help with many different projects including store turnover modelling, store and customer segmentation, automated financial reporting, local store ranging, data cleaning, property management, Twitter analysis, customer, web analytics, RFM analysis right through to measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The software has huge potential in the era of “Big Data” across multiple departments and we are now helping our UK retailers to deliver actionable insight from the ever-increasing volume, velocity and variety of data sources that are now available to them.” The latest version of the software (Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5):

  • Allows the user to create sophisticated analytics (such as predictive) with minimal training and no impact on legacy IT
  • Provides the fastest way of creating business ready analysis (including automated delivery of Tableau files for leading edge visualisation of data)
  • Delivers the power of strategic analytics with interactive mapping
  • Provides one tool with wide functionality, replacing the need for various legacy software tools within the organisation

Alteryx can be used across the key functions of retail and ecommerce organisations, for example:

  • Finance: e.g. automate weekly and monthly reporting, reduce processing of financial spreadsheets (from hours to seconds)
  • Customer Insight and Marketing: e.g. customer segmentation, single customer view
  • Buying and Merchandising: e.g. creating detailed flow replenishment reports, category performance analysis
  • Operations: e.g. advanced drivetime analysis to inform logistics planning, optimise warehouse locations
  • Location Planning and Property: e.g. catchment reports (e.g. demographics, lifestyles), visualise detailed maps, gravity modelling, store sales forecasting
  • eCommerce and Omni-Channel: e.g. automate weekly and monthly sales reporting, blend online and offline sales data

For more information on how Alteryx can help transform analytics and business insight in your organisation, please contact Carl Bradbrook at or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200.

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