White Paper

Optimising stock

For omni-channel retail.

Optimising stock for omni-channel retail

Five key areas retailers need to address to optimise stock levels, in the age of omni-channel retailing.

The level and quality of stock is a strong indicator of the health of a retailer; it reflects how well the business teams work together, both internally and with the supply base. Balancing stock availability with stock investment has always been the core struggle, but omni-channel retailing has added further layers of complexity now that customers can buy anytime and have purchases delivered anywhere.

This disconnect of demand and supply is also driving up costs due to the variety of fulfilment options available and the related infrastructure and new processes. Omni-channel retailing means demand you cannot predict and costs you cannot see, and potentially more stock in the wrong locations. The ability to optimise omni-channel stock is therefore fundamental for any retailer’s profitability and, since it involves a broad range of stakeholders, will be a highly visible initiative.

This white paper examines the challenges that omni-channel retailing has created for stock control and explores the five key areas that a retailer needs to address to optimise inventory levels.

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