DESTINYSCORE The health of the UK’s high streets and what this means for retail store location planning. Download report here As the UK’s high streets change rapidly in the face of shifting consumer trends and digital disruption, retailers need the right insights at their disposal to help inform their retail store location strategy. To this […]

Do retailers need warehouse automation?

Do retailers need warehouse automation? Download White Paper here Warehouse automation solutions are increasingly being assessed – and implemented – by retailers (both food and non-food) seeking to handle the growing scale and complexity of their ecommerce logistics operations and to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers more quickly, accurately and cost effectively. But automation […]

Investing in Digital

Investing in Digital Digital trends in UK private equity in the Retail and Consumer sectors. Download White Paper here We are in the midst of the biggest structural change in consumer spending behaviour since the rise of chain store retailing in the middle of the 20th century. This change has been mirrored by a similar change […]

For Retail Transformation

For retail transformation, look to strategic partnerships and M&A Download White Paper here Most store-based retailers are in low- or zero-growth markets, have declining margins and are losing market share. Without significant renewal, many of today’s store-based retailers will cease to exist within a decade. This White Paper explores how the leading retailers are becoming even more […]


VENUESCORE 2019 UK shopping venue annual rankings from Javelin Group. Download report here VENUESCORE™ is an annual survey compiled by Javelin Group, which ranks the UK’s top 3,500+ retail venues (including town centres, stand-alone malls, retail warehouse parks and factory outlet centres). VENUESCORE provides retailers, developers, owners and brands with an up-to-date straightforward tool for understanding some […]


SaaS ERPs The benefits and limitations of a SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model compared to a traditional model. Download White Paper here In the rush to digitally transform retail businesses, the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) or ‘cloud’ software providers has been notable. Many cloud companies have experienced rapid growth as a result. […]

Winning as a digital brand

Winning as a digital brand Six key strategies to ensure your brand delivers across the consumer journey. Download White Paper here As well as radically changing the way we discover, research, purchase and communicate about products and brands, digital technology is presenting consumer brands with a new opportunity to engage directly with customers. Leading brands and […]

The Future-Proofed Shopping Centre

The Future-Proofed Shopping Centre How can developers and investors future-proof their shopping centres for the new age of retail? Download White Paper here Across the US, the shopping centre dream has turned into a nightmare, with empty malls from Ohio to California haunting property investors around the world. In this new age of retail, where online […]

Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure Transforming the structure of your organisation for true omni-channel retail. Download White Paper here Recent changes in consumer spending behaviour are having a huge impact on the culture and organisational structure of major retail businesses. Whilst most retailers have recognised this (the organisational structure of today’s retail enterprise looks very different from how it […]

Selecting eCommerce Technology

Selecting eCommerce Technology Three approaches and seven essential decisions to improve ecommerce technology platforms. Download White Paper here With omni-channel retail at the heart of many retailers’ aspirations, the rise in consumer expectations and the highly competitive market place, many retailers are reviewing their key ecommerce technologies to ensure they are sufficiently functional, flexible and agile […]