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Retail Technology Strategy & Transformation

Javelin Group develops a 3-5 year retail technology roadmap based on the business strategy, typically including a recommendation of ERP versus best of breed versus development of existing systems.

An essential component of retail technology planning is a roadmap: a clear view of the retail applications needed to support the business over the following three years, of how they will fit together, and of the business benefits they will deliver. This is based on the business strategy, typically documented in a workshop with the executive team.

A strategic approach to retail systems architecture

Many retailers of scale have at least one ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution covering at least key back office functionality and often a wider footprint covering, for example, merchandise planning and merchandise management or key supply chain functions such as demand forecasting and warehouse management.

Alongside the ERP is a mix of in-house developed applications and a wide range of best-of-breed packages and legacy solutions. Introducing change into this complex mix of applications, with their critical interdependencies, can be time-consuming and expensive, both to design and develop as well as to test and deploy.

For this reason, significant change in retail systems architecture is best approached strategically, a process on which we are extremely well-positioned to advise.

Retail technology planning questions we address

Over many years of successful retail technology planning we have developed a very effective approach to answering the following questions:

  • Will our applications support the business in 3-5 years’ time?
    • Scale and growth
    • New function and services needed
    • Rapidly changing business needs
  • What changes are needed, and by when?
  • Should we enhance or replace?
  • If replace, should it be with an ERP or best of breed packages?
  • How should we integrate the solutions?
  • Which specific solutions should we select?
  • What is the correct sequence in which to implement them? What costs and time frame?
  • How will we resource and manage the programme?
  • How should the IT organisation change to suit the future world?

Please see below for retail technology strategy clients, or contact Martin Ryan at or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Martin Ryan runs our Technology Consulting practice. He has 20 years of experience in the consulting industry helping some of the world’s largest retailers and brands with their technology strategies. Martin started his career with IBM in the 1990s and has a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford.