Case Study

Mothercare ELC

eCommerce strategy and implementation of new ecommerce website.

eCommerce strategy and implementation of Mothercare ELC’s new ecommerce website.

Mothercare was looking to expand its business via online sales and its network of international franchises. A long term plan was needed to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience via a single web platform for both ELC and international websites. An initial phase was undertaken to deliver a replacement of the ELC web platform tightly integrated with ELC backend systems, such as call centre, order management and fulfilment. A second phase focused on the rollout of international websites on the common platform.


  • Mothercare ELC hired Javelin Group to plan and implement the right technology and ecommerce strategy.
  • Demandware was selected by Mothercare and implemented successfully by a full Javelin Group team.
  • The support of the ELC website was transitioned to Javelin Group’s solution support team.


The technology and strategy solution has been a great success and Mothercare has engaged Javelin Group to begin on the design of the site on the same Demandware platform. This will also include the development of a web-enabled store-front phase and enhancements to support call centre systems.

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