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Fat Face

Digital marketing benchmarking.

Fat Face

Digital marketing benchmarking for Fat Face.


Fat Face engaged Javelin Group to provide an objective view of an appropriate marketing spend, with a specific focus on digital.


Javelin Group undertook a marketing spend benchmarking exercise for Fat Face to evaluate the opportunity to increase their marketing budget and to understand if they were spending the budget effectively across channels. This involved:

  • Defining typical expenditure types included within marketing P&L cost line
  • Benchmarking total marketing spend as a % of total sales
  • Benchmarking ecommerce marketing budget as % online sales
  • Benchmarking online marketing spend as % total marketing budget
  • Benchmarking digital marketing spend by channel (PPC, Affiliates, Display, Email, Social etc.)
  • Recommending how the online budget should be best allocated across digital marketing activities
  • Exploring the correlation between marketing spend and business model, growth, online sales penetration and customer type


Using Javelin Group’s explicit recommendations, Fat Face’s Marketing and eCommerce Directors achieved board approval for an increase in both the total marketing budget and digital marketing budget to drive omni-channel performance.

We engaged with Javelin Group to provide us with an objective view of an appropriate marketing spend, with a specific focus on digital. The response was professional, swift and provided us with credible benchmarking and recommendations to work from in the future…a small piece of work that will make a significant difference.
Mark Seager, Marketing Director, Fat Face.

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