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eCommerce warehouse move with major technology change.


eCommerce warehouse move with major technology change for Debenhams.

Javelin Group helped design, implement and launch a major fulfilment, customer service and payment processing move with associated IT changes, a £10m programme.


A need to relocate and expand Debenhams’ fulfilment and customer service operations, which also required major order management and integration development.


Javelin Group designed and project managed the move to new service providers (mix of outsource and in-house), and ensured that the technology development and warehouse and customer services move was fully integrated.


This change, which more than doubled capacity with lower operating costs, was commissioned on time, on budget, and with minimal impact on customers. It also provides flexibility to meet future business requirements.


The new solution gave increased capacity at a lower cost to Debenhams, and also provided future flexibility for change of fulfilment provider.

Our move of fulfilment services to a new supplier entailed major IT and business change that took 18 months to deliver. Javelin Group provided very effective programme management, keeping the commercial, contract, IT and physical change in line to deliver the solution. Javelin Group was an essential part of the success of this project.
David Worby, Head of Direct, Debenhams.

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