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Marketing campaign for new customer acquisition.


Marketing campaign for new customer acquisition for Citroën.

Citroën wanted to create a targeted marketing campaign for specific Citroën car dealerships, to support sales of new and used Citroën cars.


Javelin Group profiled Citroën’s customer database using household segmentation to reveal the characteristics of customers most likely to buy a new or used car. Using the UK’s largest consumer research questionnaire, Javelin Group overlaid the Citroën profile against consumers that had indicated they were interested in changing their car in the next six months. This created a targeted list of prospective customers based on a detailed consumer insight profile who were then invited into the car showroom for a VIP event.


A prospect pool was generated containing the full contact details, including name, address, email address and telephone number. This allowed each consumer to be contacted and tracked through the sales process.


Over half of all sales in the selected dealerships were as a direct result of this targeted campaign, which in the words of the dealership managers was ‘unprecedented’.

The marketing campaign using Javelin Group data gave remarkable and unprecedented results. I was very pleased with the insight this project delivered and would recommend the team at Javelin Group.
Adam Blackwell, Business Development Manager, Citroën UK.

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