Team profile – Tom

Why did you choose to apply for Javelin Group?

I was initially attracted to Javelin Group because of their specialism in retail. I felt by focusing on an industry, I was much more likely to develop deep expertise that would enable me to produce higher-quality, more rewarding work. I also thought the level of change and disruption in retail, as well as my personal experience as a customer in the sector, made it an exciting and relatable industry. As I progressed through the application process, it was clear that Javelin was a genuinely fun and enjoyable place to work, which has proven to be my favourite aspect of the job.

Describe a typical day as an Associate Consultant

8:45am Arrive at the office and get in the microwave queue while catching up with colleagues in the kitchen. Porridge with blueberries is the current breakfast trend.
9:00am Check my email and reply to any urgent requests. Read a few articles on Retail Week to keep on top of the latest industry trends.
9:30am Catch up with my project team to understand priorities for the day across the team and within my workstream. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps me understand how my work fits into the overall project.
9:45am Carry out a user experience review for our client’s website. Talk to team members about their past projects and experiences to find leading practice examples and refine my conclusions about the online experience.
12:30pm Head out with the other grads to grab some food and eat together in the park.
1:30pm Start work on turning my online experience findings into slides summarising my findings for our client.
5:30pm Send my completed slides to my project manager. Continue researching options for the strategy team social which I am helping to organise – previous events have included go-ape and dim-sum making.
6:00pm Catch-up with my manager to discuss get feedback on my slides, ready to get working on the changes on Monday morning.
6:15pm It’s Friday, so we head to the pub for a post-work drink before heading to dinner with friends.

What are the best aspects of your job?

The people you work with are my favourite part of working at Javelin. Everybody is bright and driven which creates a gratifying and motivating environment. That said, nobody takes themselves too seriously, and across levels, everybody is friendly and up for having fun.

Do you have any advice for applicants?

As with most other strategy consulting firms, case studies play a key part of the interview process, and practice makes a big difference.
Beyond that, understand Javelin’s business offering and how it differs from more generalist strategy consultancies. The job, even at a junior level, is quite different at a specialist firm, and it’s important to demonstrate that you understand that and are genuinely interested in the role. Keeping abreast of developments in retail and developing opinions about retailers you are interested in, and why, will help you understand if you would enjoy the job whilst demonstrating an interest in the sector.


LMH, University of Oxford
Economics and Management

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