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Digital Strategy for Brands

Javelin Group helps consumer brands to optimise their proposition in online and offline channels, drive engagement and ultimately higher sales, in the age of omni-channel retail.

The use of digital channels for purchase, research, support and engagement is increasing at a relentless pace. The opportunity that this presents for brands to develop a stronger relationship with consumers, and the risk of not doing so, has never been greater or more challenging.

Javelin Group is best known for its work with retailers, but we also have a long heritage of supporting consumer brands to identify and deliver digitally-enabled change.

Our vertical retail model combines a wide spectrum of skills across all channels (stores, mobile and ecommerce), enabling us to offer end-to-end services that support brands in developing leading propositions to drive brand loyalty, engagement and ultimately higher sales.

We help brands with the following:


1. Understanding the market and consumer journey

Drawing on our deep expertise in omni-channel retailing, we work with brands to understand the channel shift and new players in their market and from this to optimise popular missions and journeys, delivering an excellent experience for the consumer at each touchpoint. We address the following questions:

  • Who are the key players in my market and how is that likely to change with the growth of omni-channel retail?
  • What are the key missions and journeys that consumers want to complete, and what are the main touchpoints (owned and partner) at each?
  • How effectively do we support consumers to move through the journey?
  • What do we need to do to deliver a leading experience to consumers at each touchpoint, and what is in our control vs. what do we need to work with our partners to implement?

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2. Optimising the digital proposition

To compete and win as a brand in today’s omni-channel world is no longer just about gaining visibility on retailers’ store shelves. With retail growth in many developed markets being driven solely by ecommerce and a large proportion of store sales being preceded by research online, modern day brands must have a leading proposition in the channels where consumers are looking. We address the following questions:

  • What are the strategic implications of the continued channel shift for my business, and how must we respond?
    • We share views on market trends and expectations, emerging channels and competitors, the impact of ecommerce/omni-channel on store channels, data management, and operations, required technologies, and industry best practice.
  • How can I improve the representation of my brand in digital channels?
    • We review the retail offer across digital channels (including user experience, digital marketing, online range and price, service proposition and ecommerce capabilities) and provide detailed recommendations and actionable quick wins which can be implemented immediately.
  • How can I strengthen the digital partnership between my brand and our retail partners?
    • Please see below.

3. Strengthening the digital partnership with retailers

By drawing on our skills and experience across the full retailer value chain (e.g. digital, marketing, supply chain, technology), we support brands to work effectively with retail partners to deliver a leading proposition to the end consumer. We address the following questions:

  • What are retailers looking for from brands to deliver a leading omni-channel proposition?
  • How strong is my current proposition to support retailers?
  • How do we ensure we are the leading suppliers to online retail across different markets and segments in the future?

4. Direct to Consumer (DTC)

A compelling DTC proposition must be carefully considered. There must be clear brand benefits (such as enhanced reach, ownership of the consumer relationship, control of the brand experience across the end-to-end consumer journey, access to consumer data, and full control of the retained margin), a strong rationale as to why a consumer would buy direct rather than via a retailer, and sufficient consumer demand and margin to cover the operational costs involved in delivering product. We address the following questions:

  • What DTC opportunities exist and will they be profitable?
    • Strategic scoping – we identify, assess and prioritise the potential success of new and existing brands
    • Development of the go-to-market plan
  • How will our DTC proposition operate and how will we deliver it?
    • Business planning – once a DTC concept has been identified, we develop the proposition and go-to-market plan (e.g. markets, proposition, user experience, marketing, organisation etc.)
    • Technology planning – drawing on our user experience audit of more than 100 brands and retailers, we identify the future website requirements of selected DTC concepts
    • Implementation – our systems integration practice, which has successfully delivered 65+ ecommerce development projects in the last 10 years, follows a proven methodology for successful website design, build and on-going support

Please see below for brand owner clients, or contact Nina Osborn at or Amy Meekings on or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Amy Meekings

Associate Director, Strategy

Amy Meekings is an Associate Director within Javelin Group’s Strategy practice. She has 10 years of digital transformation experience, and has spent the last 5 years focused in the retail and consumer sector with Javelin Group. Her experience focuses on omni-channel, ecommerce and digital strategy for a range of retailers, brands and consumer facing businesses including Unilever, Shop Direct, LEGO, Blokker, Post Office and RAC. Prior to joining Javelin Group, Amy worked on over 35 projects within the strategy teams at RSe Consulting and Tribal Group focusing on customer-led transformation. She graduated from Keble College, Oxford with a First-class BA (Hons) in Geography.