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Javelin Group helps leading retailers to define and undertake the organisational transformation required for tomorrow’s digitally-oriented and omni-channel retail world.

Recent changes in consumer spending behaviour are having a huge impact on the culture and organisation of major retail businesses. Whilst most retailers have recognised this and already begun to adapt, the largest and most complex challenges still lie ahead. Even the most advanced retailers have completed two of four phases of omni-channel organisational transformation:

  • Phase 1: Early ecommerce and multi-channel development
  • Phase 2: Phased multi-channel (re)integration
  • Phase 3: Preparation, mobilisation and centralisation of data and insight
  • Phase 4: Final re-shaping of omni-channel organisation


Javelin Group has many years of experience helping retailers to establish (Phase 1) and then merge (Phase 2) digital teams and skills into and across their organisations. Our focus now is on helping our retailers to understand and undertake the final re-shaping of core retail functions that is required to become truly omni-channel (Phases 3 and 4).

Based around the phases above, we help major retailers and brands to:

  • Diagnose the organisational problems and challenges in their current business
  • Assess where they sit currently across the four phases of omni-channel transformation
    • Using our proprietary “state of organisational readiness” methodology
    • This includes as part of the output a detailed, actionable set of next steps and any identified quick wins
  • Define the long term vision and organisational “end goal”, covering:
    • Organisational structures/design
    • Business culture
    • Talent acquisition and retention
    • Reporting, KPIs and incentivisation
    • Customer- vs. product-centricity
    • Supportive data systems and implications on technology
  • Prepare and mobilise for next stages of transformation via a detailed 1-year accelerator programme
  • Transform through design and delivery of governance frameworks and/or change management programmes

Download our White Paper to find out more detail about the omni-channel organisational challenge facing retailers.

As with other Javelin Group service lines, our approach is rooted in a deep industry understanding that ensures our output is easy to implement and orientated around actions.

We recognise that the organisational challenge for each retailer or brand is unique, and so all projects and individual work streams are carefully designed to account for each client’s particular circumstances (e.g. global/regional/local dynamics, the role of shared services, single vs. multi-brand dynamics).

Our work is not just about a simple redrawing of organisational lines and boxes. We redefine roles and accountabilities, to manage complexities, and build solutions that account for the changing omni-channel environment in which retailers operate today. Unlike other advisors, we also give due consideration to the data and technological elements of the required transformation (leveraging skills from our dedicated Technology Consulting and Analytics practices).

In recent years, Javelin Group has helped many retailers with organisational work, including several projects helping clients to navigate their way through our four-phase organisational framework. (Please see clients below).

Please note: For retailers with work still to do in Phases 1 and 2 of their own organisational development, we can also provide support in understanding the challenges, defining the way forward, and leveraging lessons learned from other retailers who have been through the same journey.

Please see below for omni-channel organisation clients, or contact Matt Houston at or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Richard Wolff, Javelin Group’s co-founder and COO, runs our Retail Strategy practice. He has spent many years running and advising retail businesses. Recent clients include Clarks, Mothercare, John Lewis, B&Q and Marks & Spencer. Richard has an MBA from Manchester Business School.