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Javelin Group reviews the retail offer across digital channels for retailers and brands, and provides detailed recommendations which typically provide sales uplifts of 50% to 100% within 12 months.

Reviews include an evaluation of user experience, digital marketing, online range and price, service proposition and ecommerce capabilities (e.g. product and content management, logistics, technology and organisation).

Starting from a clear understanding of a client’s customers, market and competitive environment, we offer a modular approach to assessing digital performance. Retailers and brands can select from 1 to 20 modules, in any combination, depending on the business requirements. Assignments can take from 2-3 weeks for one module to 8-10 weeks for a comprehensive review across all modules.

Our work is based on proprietary frameworks that are continually updated to reflect global best practice, and our clients’ performance and KPIs are benchmarked to illustrate improvement opportunities.

For each engagement, we deliver a long list of performance improvement recommendations to our client, prioritised into a roadmap, and quantified to show the sales uplift opportunity. Our work highlights many actionable quick wins that our client can implement immediately.

We have been undertaking this type of work for more than 10 years and have helped many of Europe’s leading retailers and brands to improve their ecommerce and omni-channel retail performance.

Our modules fall into four categories:

1. Evaluation of online user experience

a.  User experience audit & scorecard
b.  Web analytics KPI review & benchmarking
c.  Customer journey mapping & user testing
d.  Business casing & prioritisation
e.  Website UI design & wireframing

2. Independent review of digital marketing

a.  Marketing budget & allocation benchmarking
b.  Analysis of digital marketing programmes
c.  Customer database profiling
d.  Customer segmentation
e.  Customer lifetime value analysis

3. Competitive review of online proposition

a. Product performance analysis
b. Online assortment optimisation
c. Online extended range development
d. Online pricing analysis vs. competitors
e. Benchmark omni-channel service & delivery

4. Assessment of ecommerce capabilities

a. Content production and management
b. eCommerce technology & development
c. eCommerce fulfilment
d. Contact centre
e. eCommerce organisational structure and skills

Questions we address for retailers include:

Performance acceleration: Our sales and other ecommerce KPIs are not growing as fast as expected – how can we accelerate this growth?

  • Recent example: A home shopping brand asked Javelin Group to evaluate all areas of the direct business and pinpoint the main causes of declining sales and customers. Javelin Group recommended 20 “turnaround” initiatives.

Rapid market development: Customer expectations and demand are increasing at a faster rate than business change – how can we address this?

  • Recent example: A leading Iberian retail group asked Javelin Group to help to overhaul the ecommerce capabilities (systems, logistics, processes, organisation) to ensure the group could take full advantage of rapid online market growth ahead. Javelin Group delivered a capabilities improvement roadmap to identify immediate and long-term strategic priorities.

Competitor pressures: New market entrants or incumbents are taking market share with better propositions and speed to market – how can we respond?

  • Recent example: Gala Coral asked Javelin Group to overhaul its ecommerce proposition (products, pricing, website, marketing strategy) so it could compete effectively against pureplay new entrants. Javelin Group developed the full ecommerce strategy including a re-designed website for its Gala Bingo and Coral Betting brands.

Alignment to strategy and vision: Our strategy has changed – how do we ensure our proposition and experience are aligned?

  • Recent example: British Gas asked Javelin Group to review and redesign its entire website with customer needs, missions and usability at its heart – to align the digital customer experience with its new strategy of “Customer Centricity”. Javelin Group redefined digital customer experience and developed a prioritised roadmap that is currently in development and indicates a 25% increase in shop-to-buy rate.

Cost optimisation: How can we evaluate ecommerce spending and use of resources to ensure maximum operating efficiency?

  • Recent example: A leading ecommerce group asked Javelin Group to support its ecommerce cost optimisation exercise. Javelin Group identified £40m of potential savings.

Fresh perspective and best practices: We need to ensure we follow the latest best practices, identify new opportunities and focus on the biggest priorities – how can we get a fresh perspective on this?

  • Recent example: A leading department store asked Javelin Group to review and benchmark its online proposition and back end capabilities, and help define its detailed, 12-month, ecommerce roadmap.

Please see below for digital performance review clients, or contact Reeta McGinn at or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Richard Wolff, Javelin Group’s co-founder and COO, runs our Retail Strategy practice. He has spent many years running and advising retail businesses. Recent clients include Clarks, Mothercare, John Lewis, B&Q and Marks & Spencer. Richard has an MBA from Manchester Business School.