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Customer Journey Mapping

Javelin Group helps retailers and brands to understand and optimise their customer journeys to deliver an excellent experience at every touchpoint.

Drawing on our deep omni-channel expertise, we work with clients to understand popular customer journeys, audit how effectively customer expectations are met at each touchpoint, and propose ways to improve the experience.

We take a quantitative approach, through the use of a number of proprietary audits, to conduct analysis of current performance across all customer touchpoints. This analysis enables us to identify improvement initiatives that will enhance the customer experience, encourage customers to move seamlessly between touchpoints, and build loyalty. We then provide clients with a detailed implementation plan to ensure maximum value is realised.

Our approach is typically split into four steps:

1. Understand the current customer journeys: How do our customers currently interact with us?

  • We work with our clients to understand how their customers currently interact across the end to end customer journey (pre-purchase, purchase and post purchase) by looking at marketing and channels such as online, mobile, social media, in-store, and call centre
  • This involves a mixture of internal data analysis and stakeholder interviews, and draws on our knowledge from working with other leading retailers and brands
  • In some cases, we conduct primary customer research to gain an independent view of the most popular customer touchpoints and journeys between touchpoints
  • At the end of this stage we have in-depth knowledge of how customers currently move between touchpoints when engaging with the retailer or brand

2. Review current journeys and analyse their performance: How effectively do we meet our customers’ expectations?

  • We analyse the customer experience at each touchpoint using a number of proprietary audits across all channels (e.g. website, mobile, stores)
  • All analysis is conducted from a customer point of view
  • A quantitative score is generated where appropriate to gauge relative performance
  • We provide detailed explanations of the current performance as well as relevant examples to demonstrate best-in-class proposition

3. Identify improvement opportunities: How can we optimise the experience for our customers?

  • For each touchpoint we identify improvement initiatives to optimise performance in that stage of the journey
  • Initiatives are reviewed and prioritised according to business benefit and strategic priorities

4. Develop the implementation plan: How will we deliver the improvements for our customers?

  • We pride ourselves in delivering a realistic, actionable implementation plan for our clients, enabling them to quickly start to deliver an improved experience for their customers
  • For this project each improvement initiative will be developed into a prioritised implementation plan and next steps identified

This service line has been established in response to a growing demand from our clients for assistance in developing a model which can cater for the requirements of today’s omni-channel customer.

Please see below for customer journey mapping clients, or contact Richard Wolff at or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Richard Wolff, Javelin Group’s co-founder and COO, runs our Retail Strategy practice. He has spent many years running and advising retail businesses. Recent clients include Clarks, Mothercare, John Lewis, B&Q and Marks & Spencer. Richard has an MBA from Manchester Business School.