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Customer Analytics

Javelin Group helps retailers to understand who their customers are and uses advanced analytics to help predict their likely behaviour.

By utilising various in-house data sets and industry partnerships, we can help reveal your customers’ key characteristics to allow you to fully understand who your customers are and where they live.

Retail customer profiling and segmentation

  • What are my customers’ lifestyle/demographic characteristics?
  • How financially stable are my customers?
  • What levels of disposable income do my customers have?
  • Which customer types spend the most?
  • How frequently do different customers spend?
  • Can I better understand customer journey mapping?
  • Can I segment my customers into a manageable/actionable number of groups?

Retail customer analytics

  • How far do my customers travel to reach their preferred store?
  • What products do different customer types purchase?
  • How can I better understand basket spend?
  • How can I cross-sell new products/services to my customers?
  • How can I find more of my key customers (acquisition)?
  • How can I understand when a customer is likely to switch to a competitor (churn)?
  • What are the best channels to use to speak to my customers?
  • What strategies should be undertaken to retain customers (retention)?
  • What is the average lifetime value for my customers?
  • How can I understand the level of customer loyalty?

We also offer audits on data quality to evaluate the cleanliness of retailers’ customer data, and data insight reports to identify the key customer characteristics.  Learn more about Data Quality Audits and Insight Opportunity Reports.

Consumer Insight

Understanding customers is central to any retail location-based project or marketing campaign. By utilising various in-house datasets and industry partnerships, we can help reveal your customers’ key characteristics through a variety of profile reports.

Equally important is to keep your own customer data assets current to protect against poor location planning decisions, wasted marketing, lost prospects and potential brand damage. Our audit and enhancement reports will help keep your databases up to date.

Data Quality Audit

Good data quality is key when performing any form of business analysis. In partnership with market-leading consumer data companies, Javelin Group can provide a Data Quality Audit to allow you to understand the quality of your retail customer data:

  • Clean (hygiene): Validate addresses, correct spelling mistakes, add titles identified by gender
  • Protect (suppression): Identify deceased, goneaways and those not wishing to receive unsolicited mailings
  • Recognise (dedupe): Reveal duplication within and between files (even if people have moved/changed names)

Customer data changes at a rate of 2.4% per year. This means that a 1 million record consumer database loses 24,000 records per year if nothing is done to preserve data quality.

Insight Opportunity Reports

Insight Opportunity Reports provide information on your retail customers, which can be used to build retention, acquire new customers, cross-sell additional products/services and tailor campaigns. You will be able to understand:

  • Levels of economic stability
  • Real disposable income and available expenditure
  • Key lifestyle/demographic/behavioural characteristics
  • Expected email/telephone append rates

Consumer data for direct marketing

Javelin Group can supply consumer names, address, telephone numbers and email addresses to support your customer acquisition, retention or cross-sell campaigns. Data is held on over 16 million UK consumers, including demographic, behavioural, lifestyle and purchasing power variables to drive a whole range of marketing initiatives.

Please see below for customer analytics clients, or contact Robin Bevan at robin.bevan@javelingroup.com or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Robin Bevan

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Robin Bevan runs our Locations & Analytics practice. He has over 25 years’ experience in retail property, including location strategies for retailers, geographic channel strategies for brands, shopping centre strategies for developers and owners, due diligence for private equity investors and commercial space planning for travel hub operators, and has wide international experience, having worked in 20 countries. Robin also leads our Ignite m-commerce initiative, which brings digital into the heart of the physical environment (e.g. shops, shopping centres, travel hubs). A PPE graduate from Oxford University, Robin contributed recently as part of the industry taskforce which published the influential Beyond Retail report for central government.