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Mappersite from Javelin Group is an easy-to-use desktop geographical analysis software tool for retail location analysts, marketers and real estate professionals, offering quick and unlimited access to a wealth of local area data to support analysis of site locations, local markets and consumers.


Catchment creation

Pin point your exact sites of interest using a variety of detailed mapping layers. Create catchments around these locations using drivetimes (peak, off-peak, night), radii or custom polygons. Alternatively, select from a list of standard postal or administrative geographies.


Pan, zoom, draw and edit various features within the mapping window. Create thematic maps in a few easy clicks. Interactively change colour ranges to personalise your map. Chose from local vector road maps or raster cloud mapping layers.

Ranking reports and area profiles

Generate ranking reports to prioritise your locations using a specific variable of interest. Profile your catchments using a variety of data sources to fully understand the lifestyle/demographic characteristics of the local population.

For more information, please contact Carl Bradbrook at carl.bradbrook@javelingroup.com or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Locations & Analytics Practice

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Robin Bevan

Director, Locations & Analytics

Robin Bevan runs our Locations & Analytics practice. He has over 25 years’ experience in retail property, including location strategies for retailers, geographic channel strategies for brands, shopping centre strategies for developers and owners, due diligence for private equity investors and commercial space planning for travel hub operators, and has wide international experience, having worked in 20 countries. Robin also leads our Ignite m-commerce initiative, which brings digital into the heart of the physical environment (e.g. shops, shopping centres, travel hubs). A PPE graduate from Oxford University, Robin contributed recently as part of the industry taskforce which published the influential Beyond Retail report for central government.