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With smartphones and tablets driving the digital revolution in retail, Javelin Group and Paythru have combined their expertise to offer Ignite, a new m-commerce proposition for contextual mobile marketing and payments.

In short, Ignite delivers the right message, to the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.

ignite_logoIgnite is a unique platform for contextual mobile marketing and payments, which integrates proven technologies in geo-location, message optimisation and mobile payment to deliver much higher ROI than traditional promotional methods (including paid search/SEM).

  • Typical achieved click-through rates of 25-30%
  • Typical overall redemption rate of 6-10%
  • 40x more effective than traditional (search-based) mobile advertising
  • 200x more effective than web-based marketing for brick and mortar stores

Ignite is suitable for retailers, shopping centre owners, town centre managers, travel hub operators, event destinations and many others. For example, a retailer or shopping centre owner can use Ignite to engage customers:

  • At home or work (before they shop)
  • In the vicinity or catchment area (of a store or shopping centre)
  • At a store entrance or near a store (a retailer’s own store or even a competitor’s)
  • In-store (within the shopping centre)

The platform combines five key features to deliver a comprehensive market leading solution:

  • Precise geo-location: Enables real-time tracking without battery drain and allows place relevant promotions.
  • Optimised customer targeting: Targets consumers by demographic or segment, past behaviour, stated preferences, time period etc.
  • Mobile payment: m-Commerce device that allows the consumer to make a payment with what is in their ‘real’ wallet e.g. cards, vouchers, coupons, virtual wallets etc.
  • Flexible custom front-end: This can be a stand-alone app or integrated with other/existing apps. This is a white label platform and can be rebranded as required.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: The host can manage promotions placed on the platform, see click throughs and redemptions etc.

For more information, please read our Ignite brochure, or please contact Robin Bevan at robin.bevan@javelingroup.com or on +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

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Robin Bevan

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Robin Bevan runs our Locations & Analytics practice. He has over 25 years’ experience in retail property, including location strategies for retailers, geographic channel strategies for brands, shopping centre strategies for developers and owners, due diligence for private equity investors and commercial space planning for travel hub operators, and has wide international experience, having worked in 20 countries. Robin also leads our Ignite m-commerce initiative, which brings digital into the heart of the physical environment (e.g. shops, shopping centres, travel hubs). A PPE graduate from Oxford University, Robin contributed recently as part of the industry taskforce which published the influential Beyond Retail report for central government.