Technical Business Analyst

The technical business analyst works with and advises client stakeholders and the technical delivery team to accomplish the project goals. He/she is expected to consult on options for our clients to increase their revenue and profits through creative thinking and the application of best and proven practices in the field.

The priority of the technical business analyst will be elaborating system and functional requirements for various ecommerce and product information management (PIM) projects in order to integrate new features or improvements, to enhance or adapt existing systems and platforms.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To analyse and understand project scope and core objectives
  • Lead requirements elaboration workshops with client stakeholders to define high level business requirements
  • Gather and organize requirements into functional/system areas and help the client to prioritise the requirements
  • Prepare the design workshop plan and agendas
  • Lead design workshops with client stakeholders and technical architect to elicit detailed, low level requirements
  • Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, break down high-level information into their constituent details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true business needs
  • Identify options for potential solutions and assess them for both technical and business suitability
  • Collaborate with technical architect, lead developer and subject matter experts to establish the technical vision and analyse trade-offs between business and performance needs
  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with both internal project team members and external client stakeholders to analyse information needs and system requirements and deliver the following artefacts as needed:
    • Prove of Concept documentation for proposed solutions
    • Functional/system design specification
    • Workflow/business process flow diagrams
    • Data model/s
  • Obtain sign-off from client on the specifications
  • In conjunction with the technical architect, plan and present the construction phase kick-off meeting introducing the development team and other internal stakeholders to the project ensuring the team understand the project scope, core objectives and key requirements
  • Be proactive in ensuring that the development and QA teams understand the requirements by attending daily team meetings and initiating clarification sessions where needed
  • Be the liaison between the business, the development team and the support team
  • Examine existing business models and flows of data, discuss findings with the client, and evaluate system specifications for business requirements
  • Implement, configure and test feasible solutions
  • Review the test plan and test scripts to ensure quality and coverage of the testing
  • Assist in the development of, and migration to, new platforms
  • Provide training material and run training sessions for business users when necessary

Experience and Knowledge


  • Proven previous working experience as a Business Analyst with focus on system analysis and configuration activities on various platforms and systems
  • End-to-end experience of the software development project lifecycle
  • Experience in successfully leading requirement elicitation workshops with technology and business professionals is essential
  • Able to design user interaction models, workflows, user interfaces and create prototypes as appropriate
  • Must be comfortable in challenging customer requirements in order to truly understand the underlying needs of the business and arrive at the best possible solution for the client
  • Demonstrable experience in creating requirements documentation for retail and/or master data management systems
  • Must be an exceptionally clear communicator including facilitation, presentation and written skills and must have the ability to be pragmatic and drive strong scope management disciplines
  • Ability to communicate conceptual ideas
  • Should be be familiar with HTML and XML concepts
  • Experience of testing the developed solution to ensure it meets requirements and client expectations
  • Keep up to date with best practices and innovative initiatives in the field


  • Experience with product information management (PIM) systems or other related master data management solution
  • Hands on experience with XML, HTML, CSS and Java Script
  • Experience with implementation of complex business roles and workflows for various systems and platforms
  • Broad and deep experience of large, complex, multi domain, multisite PIM/ecommerce projects
  • Experience of system design

Skills and Attributes


  • Interviewing and listening skills, to talk with individuals and groups about their needs, ask the right questions to surface essential requirements, and confirm your understanding of what project stakeholders’ say/mean
  • Facilitation skills, to lead requirements elicitation workshops, work with stakeholders to define acceptance criteria, moderate brainstorming sessions, etc.
  • Observational skills, to validate information obtained through other methods, deepen the understanding about business processes, and so on
  • Analytical skills, to critically evaluate data gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicting requirements, break down high-level information into their constituent details, abstract from particular examples to a more general understanding, identify underlying needs from explicit user requests, etc.
  • Writing skills, to communicate information effectively and consistently to different types of audiences, including senior management and technical development staff
  • Organisational and time management skills, to cope with the vast array of information gathered during elicitation and analysis, manage time effectively
  • Teamwork skills, to share responsibilities, confer with others, help others do their jobs, and seek help when needed
  • Relationship-building skills, to develop a large, well-diversified network of valuable connections across the organisation
  • Negotiating skills, to get consensus about priorities and help resolve conflicts among project stakeholders
  • Modelling skills, to represent requirements information in graphical forms e.g. business process flow diagrams


  • Requirements management skills, to help implement and/or improve requirements processes and practices and to define, for a given initiative, the tasks to be performed, the techniques to be used, and the deliverables to be produced

Education and Qualifications

Degree educated.

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to

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