Graduate Programme FAQs

Who are your clients?

Our clients include most of the top 20 UK retailers and recognisable brands, B2Bs in Europe and beyond, private equity investors, and shopping centre developers and investors.

Why join Javelin Group?

You will have responsibility from day one, unrivalled client contact and the opportunity to acquire the suite of skills required of a first-class strategy consultant. You will work in a meritocratic environment, alongside people as bright and ambitious as yourself whilst developing an expertise in one of the largest, most dynamic and successful sectors of our economy.

What will I do?

Typically you will work for an associate director as part of a two/three person team on projects ordinarily lasting up to 12 weeks. You will make a real contribution, undertaking extensive analysis, developing sections of the work and being involved in client presentations.

Work/life balance?

People usually start at 09:00 and tend to be finished by 18:30 but you may have to work later or at weekends from time to time to meet client deadlines. We are able to maintain a better work-life balance than others because many of our projects depend upon our accumulated expertise, enabling us to re-use past knowledge (without breaching client confidentiality), instead of burning long hours.

What are we looking for?

We are looking initially for four things: academic excellence (expecting a 2.1 or better, with excellent A-levels), a strategic thinker, an engaging personality with the ability both to listen and to persuade, and an enthusiasm for our sector.

What remuneration do you offer?

We offer a base salary that is competitive with the strategy consulting sector, plus the opportunity to earn significant bonuses.

What is your recruitment process?

The first round is conducted by the Cornell Partnership, our recruitment partners, and will consist of a numeracy test, short case study and an interview. Short-listed candidates will then attend our assessment day at our offices in London, which will incorporate more detailed case studies, in-depth tests and interviews.

How can I best prepare for your interviews?

You should be ready to discuss your interest in and ideas about retail. One way to prepare is to read Retail Week, which will tell you something about the issues faced by retailers. Another would be to think about those retailers you like and dislike, and why you feel this about them. It might also be helpful for you to research who are the top 10 retailers, and what they do. Finally, you may find it useful to practice some retail case studies and numeracy tests before your interview.