WHITE PAPER Battlefield Britain

Battlefield Britain: Survivors and casualties in the fight for the high street.

Javelin Group’s recent White Paper (How many stores do we really need? UK non-food retailing in 2020.) reviewed the outlook for store-based retailing and (among other important findings) concluded that a significant reduction in space is inevitable in most categories. In this companion piece, Battlefield Britain takes a geographic perspective, recognising that the forces driving retailer space demand are being felt to differing degrees across the country.

Battlefield Britain seeks to identify town centres that are most at risk of long-term decline, and those that will defend themselves robustly, assessing these venues across a comprehensive range of “stress indicators” (i.e. not just multi-channel threat in isolation). Whilst the future will be about fewer, bigger, better stores and shopping environments for UK consumers, the transition could be painful for towns which do not have the attributes necessary to maintain a vibrant commercial hub.

Our findings in this White Paper will help retailers and brands to understand where their store portfolios are most at threat and what actions should be taken. Likewise, town centre managers and local authorities will see in this report which venues need the most urgent attention to adapt to the dramatic shifts in shopping habits that are taking place today.

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