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Retail & eCommerce Analytics Software

We provide market leading analytic tools for the retail and ecommerce sectors.

Today’s omni-channel retailers generate volumes of data about their customers, products, prices, stock levels and channels, and few retailers make the most effective use of the insights this data generates. Companies are often constrained by expensive, rigid and highly centralised business information solutions.

Recent breakthroughs in data analytics technology ensure that the coming retail era will be both nimble and smart, with tomorrow’s retailers supporting smart decision-making at all levels of the enterprise. This will transform all of the key retail disciplines, from category management to store management, and from financial planning to customer insight: all will soon be based on fast, rigorous analysis and rational decision-making.

To respond to this transformational change, Javelin Group partners with best-in-class software providers to bring market-leading analytics and business insight software to the UK's retail and ecommerce sectors.

Which tool is right for you?:

  • Alteryx: High performance, flexible desktop tool, revolutionising retail and ecommerce analytics and retail location planning, allowing all sources of transactional, customer, channel and spatial data to be analysed at lightning speeds in one tool without requiring any specialist skills
  • Javelin Group Analytics Gallery: Bespoke wizards designed around your role to automate regular analytical/business insight reports, accessible within your own private web-based analytical studio
  • Tableau: Brings data to life through 'visual analytics' combining graphs, tables and maps in an easy-to-use, dashboard environment

Alteryx from Javelin Group is a high performance, flexible data analytics software tool, revolutionising the approach to commercial analytics and retail location planning.

All sources of customer, competitor, product, sales and geographical data can be integrated and analysed to produce insight maps and reports faster than any other software package available in the marketplace.

Alteryx is highly flexible and deploys deep analytics power through an easy-to-use, single user interface. It combines:

  • Data manipulation tool: Format, clean and blend multiple data sources from across the enterprise (without impact on other teams or changes in IT infrastructure)
  • Analytic engine: Analyse “Big Data” (e.g. individual SKU, customer and spatial data), with predictive analytical capabilities at super fast speeds
  • Mapping and spatial analysis: Analyse store networks, competitors and customers using advanced mapping and drivetime technologies
  • Business reporting: Automate any internal business reporting with permission levels set for different users (inc. web access)

Alteryx has wide applications in multiple departments across the enterprise, e.g.:

  • Finance: Automate weekly/monthly financial KPI reports, react quickly to ad hoc incoming analytical queries...
  • Customer Insight and Marketing: Customer segmentation (using advanced clustering), single customer view, basket analysis...
  • Buying and Merchandising: Create detailed flow replenishment reports, category performance analysis, macro and micro space range and space planning...
  • Operations: Optimise location of warehouses (inc. "dark stores"), contact centre applications (e.g. optimised call routing, reporting dashboards, volume by channel forecasting...), D2C fulfilment and order metrics...
  • Location Property and Planning: Build and run sales forecasting models (regression, gravity, analogues...), create and manage store estate database (addresses, landlords, lease details, performance KPIs, photos, staff data...), automate board reports for new store sign off...
  • eCommerce and Omni-Channel: Automate web analytics routines, marketing campaign attribution, AB testing...

For more information, please read our Alteryx for eCommerce and Retail brochure and our Alteryx for Location Planning brochure

Please contact Carl Bradbrook or call +44 (0)20 7961 1328 to discuss your requirements.

Significant time savings and efficiencies can be achieved through automating regular tasks and making easy to use modules available within Javelin Group’s Analytics Gallery.

Javelin Group’s team of consultants can build bespoke analytical wizards and publish them securely online for designated users within your organisation to access. Any data process, analytical function or business insight report can be designed and then accessed 24/7 online.

Benefits include:

  • Allows complex analytics to be run by any user, freeing up time for key personnel
  • Set permission levels to decide which colleagues can have access
  • Tasks can be automated and streamlined in a consistent format
  • Convenient 24/7 access anywhere on a web-enabled device
  • Modules can replicate existing analysis or can be created from scratch
  • Low cost approach to enhancing business insight
  • Power-users licensing the Alteryx desktop software can create and publish their own analytic apps

For more information, please read our Analytics Gallery brochure.

Please contact Carl Bradbrook or call +44 (0)20 7961 1328 to discuss your requirements.

Tableau from Javelin Group is a software tool which helps users to see and understand their data through 'visual analytics'. Interactive graphs, tables and maps bring data to life.

The latest version of Tableau software (8.0) allows analysts:

  • Faster, easier data discovery: Tableau works seamlessly with databases and spreadsheets of any size
  • Direct connect and go: live data connection for up-to-the-minute changes
  • Perfect data 'mash-ups': combine multiple data sources in one view using dashboards
  • Ease of use: drag-and-drop functionality helps you to create rich visualizations fast

Tableau can be used to visualise analytics and interact with data across the key functions of retail and ecommerce organisations e.g.:

  • Finance: Visualise weekly and monthly reporting KPIs
  • Customer Insight and Marketing: Bringing customer segments to life
  • Buying and Merchandising: Flow replenishment and/or category performance dashboards
  • Operations: Call centre and warehouse performance KPI dashboards
  • Location Planning and Property: Visual catchment reports combining maps, graphs and tables
  • eCommerce and Omni-channel: Web analytic KPIs combined into management dashboards

For more information, please read our Tableau brochure.

Please contact Carl Bradbrook or call +44 (0)20 7961 1328 to discuss your requirements.

Case Study
Steinhoff International

Turnover forecast model developed by Javelin Group to predict sales

  • Background: Steinhoff International is an integrated retailer that manufactures, sources and retails furniture and household goods, owning well-known brands such as Harveys, Benson for Beds, Bedshed and Cargo
  • Project: Steinhoff’s group property team engaged Javelin Group to develop a turnover a turnover forecast model to predict sales to support new retail store openings
  • Outputs: The team selected Alteryx to run the model, a powerful analytics engine that can simulate new store openings by changing different model factors in real time, not possible using traditional market analysis packages
  • Benefits: Javelin Group’s turnover model allows Steinhoff International to "produce consistent store appraisals utilising multiple sources of data quickly and easily."

Alongside the turnover models, Steinhoff has created a series of analytical workflows that combine, standardise and automate analysis of multiple data sources. The team create professional looking maps and reports to support and inform each retail brand, as well as becoming a standard input into board meetings.

"Working with Javelin Group has transformed our approach to retail store planning. We can now produce consistent store appraisals utilising multiple sources of data quickly and easily. In addition, our investment in Alteryx has allowed us to realise many other uses and applications, for example, our Group Finance team use the software to support their store based financial reporting. We’re very pleased to be using Alteryx and working with Javelin Group."

Gordon Forsyth, Group Property Director, Steinhoff International.


Case Study

Location model developed by Javelin Group to assess new site locations

ByBox was founded with a simple mission: to solve the problem of having to wait in for parcels to be delivered, or having to queue at your local depot on a Saturday morning. To this end, ByBox installs banks of lockers in convenient locations such as train stations, supermarkets, self-storage and petrol station forecourts, for customers to use whenever it is convenient to them. ByBox can be used via integrated retailers and by signing up to the service directly via There are now more than 350 parcel delivery lockers around the UK located either close to residential areas, in retail centres, or on daily commuting routes.

  • Background: The rise of ecommerce has allowed ByBox to consider expanding the number of parcel delivery lockers around the country
  • Project: ByBox engaged Javelin Group to develop an analytical approach to assessing the suitability of new sites for lockers
  • Outputs: Javelin Group built a bespoke web-based location model assessing a range of factors for new site locations, which allowed for easy analysis and reporting. ByBox access the model via Javelin Group’s Analytics Gallery, which is a private and secure, web-based software tool. This allows ByBox to run its analysis via wizards and generate a series of spreadsheets and formatted reports, containing maps and charts.
  • Benefits: Javelin Group's bespoke location model allows ByBox to assess and choose new site locations for its banks of lockers

ByBox are now working with Javelin Group to promote the service via a targeted email marketing campaign, drawing on the customer insight gained during the project.

"The location model developed with Javelin Group gives us the necessary analysis to assess viability of new locations, focusing our efforts on only the best new locations. The web-based interface is really simple to use and being web-based means we can access reports whether in the office or onsite with a potential new site host."

Alexandra Korda, Director, ByBox.

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