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Location & Consumer Data

We provide proprietary data sets to inform retail location planning decisions.

Our understanding of retail locations is informed by a range of proprietary data sets.

  • Retail venue rankings in UK and Europe (VENUESCORE)
  • Retailer performance benchmarking (SHOPSCORE)
  • Site quality metrics (SITESCORE)
  • Shopping patterns and catchments (RETAILNATION)
  • Lifestyle/demographics geographic data sets (CONSUMERSCORE)
  • Customer segmentations (e.g. PERSONICX)
  • Consumer level data (e.g. PROSPECTSCORE)

We combine these data sets with relevant external market and demographic data to gain a 360 degree perspective of demand. Our data sets are used in our project work and they can also be licensed as standalone products.

This data is also highly relevant to many other sectors including leisure, foodservice, consumer goods, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, automotive and the public sector.

Learn more about our datasets

Shopping Venue Insight
Catchment Insight
Consumer Insight
Retail Customer Data Audit

Shopping Venue Insight

VENUESCORE ranks retail venues in all major European countries. Read more...
  • VENUESCORE ranking of retail venues is available in 12 countries: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium
  • VENUESCORE rates towns, shopping malls, factory outlet centres, retail warehouse and fashion parks using a consistent weighted scoring system based on presence of leading multiple retailer brands
  • VENUESCORE provides
    • National ranking of venues
    • Venue growth/decline
    • Venue market positioning ("Glam-Glum" Rating)
    • Venue age positioning
  • More about VENUESCORE 2013-14
SHOPSCORE gives participating retailers a unique mechanism for benchmarking store performance by retail venue in the UK and Ireland. Read more...
  • SHOPSCORE includes 30,000+ store records covering 800+ venues for sales, space and productivity
  • SHOPSCORE participants include M&S, Boots, WHSmith, New Look, Asda, Iceland.
  • SHOPSCORE is used to
    • Benchmark store performance against the venue
    • Evaluate the trading strength of new venues
    • Establish under- vs over-rented venues
    • Understand how much the venue drives store performance
SITESCORE is a unique indicator of site quality in UK retail venues defining primary, secondary, tertiary and off-pitch scores using proprietary methodology. Read more...
  • SITESCORE is a quality measure by postcode within the UK's top 300 retail venues based on anchor store presence, VENUESCORE, quality, score and distance to adjacent "retail postcodes"
  • SITESCORE is used by
    • Retailers to assess store primeness consistently across chain
    • Developers to assess pitch shift following development

Catchment Insight

RETAILNATION was launched by Javelin Group and Acxiom in November 2009 at Westfield London. It is the most accurate and comprehensive definition of UK retail catchments and venues available. Read more...

If you would like to receive a complimentary RETAILNATION report, please register.

  • RETAILNATION is the most robust evaluation of UK shopping patterns ever
  • RETAILNATION combines three key inputs
    • Four million+ shopper surveys (from Acxiom's annual surveys)
    • Javelin Group's VENUESCORE and SHOPSCORE surveys
    • Javelin Group's gravity model of national shopping patterns
  • RETAILNATION provides accurate catchment definition 1,000+ retail venues
  • RETAILNATION profiles shoppers by retail venue using PERSONICX GEO (vs. catchment)
  • RETAILNATION quantifies available catchment spending by category
  • RETAILNATION estimates venue market sizes
  • RETAILNATION is updated annually by Javelin Group and Acxiom
X-SPEND uses data from the Acxiom annual survey of shopping patterns to quantify accurate geographic spend estimates across a range of categories. Read more...
  • X-SPEND is a geographic spend model combining Personicx Geo and Acxiom's annual consumer survey
  • X-SPEND determines spending propensities by lifestyle segment across a range of product categories
  • X-SPEND is based on responses to several million consumer surveys collected by Acxiom: It is vastly superior to "Family Expenditure Survey"-based approaches (ONS survey only has a sample of c. 7,000)
  • X-SPEND is available by output area, postal geography, town, catchment and region

Consumer Insight

PERSONICX is a unique consumer segmentation (developed by our partner company Acxiom) based on behaviour and attitudes. Read more...
  • PERSONICX is a behaviourally optimised segmentation of UK consumers
  • PERSONICX is built on actual consumer lifestyle data (rather than using traditional Census ‘bottom down’ modelling approach)
    • Annual sample: 1.5 million consumer surveys + 5m warranty card/travel questionnaires
    • No other segmentation uses as much up-to-date original consumer research
    • Clustering on lifestyle data provides greater discrimination
    • Delivers 229% uplift on average at postcode level and 28% at household level over traditional segmentation solutions
    • Available at postcode, household and individual level
    • Updated annually
    • Includes supporting tools such as the PERSONICX fan, planner and desktop/online profiling software
  • PERSONICX can be cross-referenced with market research surveys, such as TGI Choices and TNS World Panel
  • PERSONICX is also available in selected countries (France, Germany, Poland, US, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand & China)
  • PERSONICX is produced by Acxiom (largest UK consumer data provider with over 20 years experience)
  • More about PERSONICX 2011
CONSUMERSCORE data is unique, Census-type, in-depth data on over 600 consumer characteristics (lifestyle, demographic, behavioural, economic, attitudinal and social variables), built from the largest ongoing household survey in the country. It provides the most up-to-date view of geographic areas in Britain, and is robust even at low levels of geography. Read more...


  • Recent: Collected within the last 12 months
  • A large sample: Built from largest annual consumer household survey of 1 million+ responses
  • Robust: Valid at SOA and Sector level
  • Time series: Some data variables available back to 2004

The data can be used in:

  • Location planning
  • Catchment analysis
  • Predictive models
  • Store performance
  • Store clustering
  • Market sizing
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Local area marketing
  • Store rankings
  • Area prioritisation

The data is available in the following data-packs:

  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Charity
  • Grocery
  • Household Income
  • Hobbies & Activities
  • Household
  • Media
  • Personal Finance
  • Business
  • Community
  • Skills & Qualifications
  • Environment
  • Outgoings
  • Income Measures
  • Retail Spend

The data variables can be delivered in many different formats (e.g. csv, xls, sav) and within Javelin Group’s geographic market analysis software tools. Find out more about Javelin Group's software.

Retail Customer Data Audit

The use of unclean retail customer data can lead to poor location planning decisions, wasted marketing mailings, lost prospects and potential brand damage. However, all these issues can be kept to an absolute minimum by passing your retail customer data through a Data Quality Audit. In addition, the key characteristics of your retail customers can also be fully understood from our Insight Opportunity Reports.

Data Quality Audit

Good data quality is key when performing any form of business analysis. In partnership with Acxiom, Javelin Group can provide a Data Quality Audit to allow you to understand the quality of your retail customer data:

  • Clean (hygiene): Validate addresses, correct spelling mistakes, add titles identified by gender
  • Protect (suppression): Identify deceased, goneaways and those not wishing to receive unsolicited mailings
  • Recognise (dedupe): Reveal duplication within and between files (even if people have moved/changed names)

Customer data changes at a rate of 2.4% per year. This means that a 1 million record consumer database loses 24,000 records per year if nothing is done to preserve data quality.

Insight Opportunity Reports

Insight Opportunity Reports provide information on your retail customers, which can be used to build retention, acquire new customers, cross-sell additional products/services and tailor campaigns. You will be able to understand:

  • Levels of economic stability
  • Real disposable income and available expenditure
  • Key lifestyle/demographic/behavioural characteristics
  • Expected email/telephone append rates

Consumer data for direct marketing

Javelin Group are able to supply consumer names, address, telephone numbers and email addresses to support your customer acquisition, retention or cross-sell campaigns. Data is held on over 16 million UK consumers, including demographic, behavioural, lifestyle and purchasing power variables to drive a whole range of marketing initiatives.

Please contact Carl Bradbrook or call +44 (0)20 7961 1328 to discuss your requirements.


"Javelin Group's insight tools and expertise provide an invaluable source of up to date information for local authorities wanting to get a clear understanding of their local residents and retail venues. The data reflects real trends based on large sample actual consumer data, allowing decision makers to be confident in their business recommendations."

Patrick Bowes, Chief Economist, Regional Economic Intelligence Unit, Leeds City Council.

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