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Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)

We will help you choose the most suitable mobile commerce approach for your retail or ecommerce business, and then implement the solution within a short time-frame.

Javelin Group is a leading implementer of mobile commerce platforms, and we have undertaken several mobile commerce developments across a variety of retail segments and European countries.

Our first mobile commerce website was developed in 2011 for Early Learning Centre. This site was built in less than three months, and has traded strongly from launch. Since then we have successfully developed UK and European mobile sites for retailers including Lakeland, Majestic Wine, Wiggle, Mothercare and J.K. Rowling's Pottermore Shop.

We use our unique insight and retail expertise to design engaging mobile commerce solutions. We couple industry best practice in mobile user experience design with effective methods for integrating mobile commerce into your omni-channel business. In particular we recognise there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to mobile development, so we help you to choose the approach which best suits your business requirements and the needs of your customers.

Javelin Group uses three main methods for creating mobile optimised sites:

  • Dedicated mobile site: This approach delivers a mobile site with the flexibility to either replicate the main website’s content and functionality, or develop unique content and functionality, thereby giving mobile customers an excellent user experience. The mobile site may be built on the same or a different platform from the main website. An example of this approach is the mobile site.
  • Server side solutions: This approach uses the functionality of the main website, but enables a different look and feel for the mobile site. This means mobile specific content and experience is provided without the need to re-develop new functionality. This approach has been used on the majority of our mobile commerce developments, such as Lakeland, Wiggle, Mothercare and Pottermore.
  • Responsive design: This approach uses a single website to provide a consistent view across all devices: desktops, tablets and mobiles. The same content and function are delivered to each device, but the layout adapts depending on the size and nature of the individual device. We are currently developing a responsive site for a major European fashion retailer.

Javelin Group helps retailers choose the best approach to their mobile commerce solution, and then implements the chosen solution.

Please contact Fraser Davidson or call +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

Case Study
Mothercare Early Learning Centre

New mobile commerce website

Early Learning Centre (ELC), the UK’s leading toy retailer, wanted a rapid implementation of a mobile commerce website, with a complete product portfolio and full integration into its main ecommerce website and back office systems. ELC already had an ecommerce website built by Javelin Group on the Demandware platform.


  • Javelin Group developed the mobile commerce website using in-built capabilities of the ELC platform to deliver a user experience optimised for the smartphone ‘browser-buyer’ market.
  • Customers to the mobile website benefit from a full product list, site functionality consistent with the main ELC website, and a shared basket and purchase process.
  • ELC benefits from simplified on-going management of both websites through a single set of business tools.
  • Javelin Group designed and built the mobile commerce website in just three months.


"In January this year, we made a tough request of Javelin Group to help us move into mobile ecommerce by delivering our mobile site by April. They met this challenge, working efficiently with our team to deliver a high quality site within our budget and timeframe. We have already seen an uptake of the site with orders being taken on the first day of our soft launch. We are very happy with the solution which has been delivered to us by Javelin Group."

Jas Virdee, Executive Director, Mothercare ELC.

Case Study

Design and implementation of new mobile commerce website

Given its reputation for outstanding customer service, Lakeland wanted to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for its customers across all channels, including mobile. Javelin Group, who designed and developed Lakeland’s ground-breaking ecommerce website, was engaged to design and deliver a mobile-optimised site, offering customers excellent user experience.


  • The new mobile-optimised website is fully integrated into the base ecommerce platform, and therefore offers customers all of the functionality found on Lakeland’s desktop website. This includes the same search and browse, segmentations, promotions, and product information and reviews.
  • Customers to the mobile website benefit from a a shared basket with the desktop website and a mobile-optimised checkout.
  • By using the same technology to drive both the desktop and mobile site, the Lakeland team benefits from rapid and synchronised rollout of new function, products and marketing content across the two channels.
  • The result is a functionally-rich mobile optimised website which is fully integrated and synchronised with the base desktop platform, offering a consistently good user experience for customers and a common set of tools for business users across the two channels.


"“We are extremely proud of our new mobile commerce website and the exceptional user experience it offers our customers. Javelin Group has again successfully delivered a challenging project, and it was a pleasure to work with the team.”’

Tony Preedy, Marketing Director, Lakeland.

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