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eCommerce Fulfilment & Omni-Channel Retail Logistics

We help retailers to establish and grow their omni-channel retail logistics and ecommerce fulfilment operations.

Our experience of working with more than 40 retailers and brands enables us to design and implement effective, low cost and high service fulfilment, including warehousing, delivery and returns. Our work includes:

  • 3-5 year logistics strategy, including network design, warehouse sizing, location recommendation, warehouse selection and high-level design
  • Developing in-house fulfilment capability, capacity and productivity improvement, service and accuracy enhancement, cost reduction
  • Integration of retail and ecommerce logistics, using shared stock and common pick faces where appropriate
  • International logistics: delivery, returns and stockholding
  • Automation planning and selection
  • Benchmarking productivity, cost and service
  • Selecting and implementing third party fulfilment and delivery suppliers
  • Own fleet operations development
  • Click and collect, in-store ordering and return to store design and improvement
  • Service engineer and field team development
  • Selecting systems for warehouse management, delivery and reverse logistics
  • Project management and implementation

Our team is all full time, permanent employees, who are highly skilled and experienced in large scale direct to consumer logistics. Our work covers all sectors, with particular strength in grocery, fashion, electrical and department stores.

Please contact Will Treasure or call +44 (0)20 7961 3200 to discuss your requirements.

Case Study: Fashion

eCommerce fulfilment strategy and implementation

Javelin Group helped ASOS develop its fulfilment strategy, and then advised on the implementation. This involved:

  • Understanding ASOS current infrastructure and future growth plans
  • Creating short term additional capacity
  • Identifying the right long term solution
  • Reviewing warehouse space available and locations, and selecting the best fit warehouse for ASOS
  • High-level design for the new warehouse
  • Programme QA of the implementation
  • High-level design for phase 2 of the warehouse implementation
"We've had a really good experience working with Javelin Group. We do things quickly, we’re quite nimble, and they fit in with that. We had a big challenge, they came in, got the culture very quickly, got the brief, and gave us a great solution so we are very pleased."

Nick Robertson, CEO, ASOS.

Case Study: Department Store

eCommerce warehouse move with major technology change

Javelin Group helped design, implement and launch a major fulfilment, customer service and payment processing move with associated IT changes, a £10m programme.

  • Background: A need to relocate and expand Debenhams’ fulfilment and customer service operations, which also required major order management and integration development
  • Project: We designed and project managed the move to new service providers (mix of outsource and in-house), and ensured that the technology development and warehouse and customer services move was fully integrated
  • Outputs: This change, which more than doubled capacity with lower operating costs, was commissioned on time, on budget, and with minimal impact on customers. It also provides flexibility to meet future business requirements
  • Benefits: The new solution gave increased capacity at lower cost to Debenhams, and also provided future flexibility for change of fulfilment provider
"Our move of fulfilment services to a new supplier entailed major IT and business change that took 18 months to deliver. Javelin Group provided very effective programme management, keeping the commercial, contract, IT and physical change in line to deliver the solution. Javelin Group was an essential part of the success of this project."

David Worby, Head of Direct, Debenhams.

Case Study: Food

Waitrose Deliver London: ‘Dark store’ design and development

Waitrose is rapidly developing its own grocery home shopping service, alongside the Ocado service. Waitrose decided to launch the service in London in 2011, and requested Javelin Group help in this launch. This included:

  • Market Size: Estimate the sales potential in London
  • Fulfilment Strategy: Whether to use stores to fulfil or a separate warehouse laid out like a store (‘dark store’)
  • Overall programme management
  • ‘Dark store’ operation and technology design, including warehouse selection and design
  • Implementation support
"We started planning our launch of Waitrose Deliver in London in the summer of 2010. Javelin Group worked closely with us and helped us understand the market potential, how we could improve the customer experience, what the logistics solution options were and the overall business case. Once the board approved our plans, Javelin Group supported us with programme management, operational and technology design and implementation of our ‘dark store’, from which we fulfil most of our London demand. We went live with this in October 2011, less than 12 months after approval. The launch was almost flawless, and we are delighted with our performance in London. The Javelin Group team was an essential part of our success, and I am very pleased with their work."

Robin Phillips, Director, eCommerce, Waitrose.

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