Case Studies

eCommerce & Omni-Channel Retail

Marks & Spencer

Omni-channel retail strategy

  • Background: Big shifts in M&S’s customer shopping patterns and use of channels
  • Project: Engaged Javelin Group in a major project for 5 months to assess implications
  • Outputs: Comprehensive strategy defining new M&S offer and customer experience, processes and economics
  • Benefits: The work clearly defined the strategy for M&S across channels and “underpinned everything we have been doing [since then]”

"[This work] set the strategy for where we needed to take our multi-channel retail...Javelin Group was the right choice to do this. When they talk about being good at multi-channel, it’s because they’re good at multi-channel."
Dave Hughes, Director of Direct, Marks & Spencer.

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Gala Coral

Omni-channel retail review and strategy

  • Background: Rapid shift in gaming and gambling from physical outlets to online
  • Project: Engaged Javelin Group to review and redefine the omni-channel and online proposition
  • Process: Customer needs captured through extensive programme of customer research, database analysis and competitor benchmarking
  • Outputs: “A very clear strategy for our business, which has won the support of our entire management team.”
  • Benefits: Clear strategic roadmap now being implemented with Javelin Group’s help

"The team and their work have been exceptional and have won the support of our entire management team. We have already commissioned more work from Javelin Group and have every intention of building a long-term working relationship with the team."
Phil Walker, Remote Director, Gala Coral Group.

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Strategic ecommerce review and performance improvement

  • Background: Management recognised under-performance of ecommerce (just 3% of sales online, slow growth)
  • Project: Engaged Javelin Group to audit offer and identify rapid performance improvements to grow sales and profits
  • Outputs: Defined a prioritised long list of “quick wins” across the offer, UE, cross-channel and fulfilment
  • Benefits: Growth of 88% in Debenhams Direct, to c.6% of sales, in the 12m following our work

"Javelin Group carried out a detailed strategic review and performance improvement analysis of our online and multi-channel business and identified many high value opportunities in our online marketing, merchandising, user experience and cross-channel activities, which we then implemented. This excellent work can justifiably claim a fair share of the credit for the 88% growth that then experienced over the next 12 months."
Michael Sharp, COO, Debenhams.

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Strategic evaluation of key “distributor" markets across 61 countries

Timberland operates with 28 “distributor” partners in 60+ countries globally. Within these countries, 208 stores are standalone, 124 stores are corners, 24 are outlets and 8 are sub-franchises.

Timberland required a strategic evaluation of key “distributor markets” to determine:

  • In which markets should Timberland take ownership of distribution?
  • Which business development channels should be prioritised in each (concession, franchise, JV, owned)?
  • What is the size of the opportunity in each market?


  • Javelin Group built a strategic prioritisation scorecard that examined each country in terms of its potential across a number of market and business operation indicators (e.g. market size and urbanisation, market growth, market affluence and modernisation, cultural fluidity, ease of setting up wholly owned operation).
  • Javelin Group also identified strategic bundles of countries that could easily be run from a ‘lead’ country, thus increasing the relative attractiveness of those individual markets.
  • Timberland is now acting on these strategic recommendations.
  • Javelin Group has also advised Timberland on its Greece strategy following the severe downturn in that market.

"Javelin Group played a key role in helping re-define our expansion strategy for emerging markets. The team delivered focused strategic insight and practical recommendations in a collaborative and personal manner."
Richard O’Rourke, Senior Vice President, International, Timberland LLC.

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eCommerce fulfilment strategy and implementation

Javelin Group helped ASOS develop its fulfilment strategy, and then advised on the implementation. This involved:

  • Understanding ASOS current infrastructure and future growth plans
  • Creating short term additional capacity
  • Identifying the right long term solution
  • Reviewing warehouse space available and locations, and selecting the best fit warehouse for ASOS
  • High-level design for the new warehouse
  • Programme QA of the implementation
  • High-level design for phase 2 of the warehouse implementation

"We've had a really good experience working with Javelin Group. We do things quickly, we’re quite nimble, and they fit in with that. We had a big challenge, they came in, got the culture very quickly, got the brief, and gave us a great solution so we are very pleased."
Nick Robertson, CEO, ASOS.

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eCommerce warehouse move with major technology change

Javelin Group helped design, implement and launch a major fulfilment, customer service and payment processing move with associated IT changes, a £10m programme.

  • Background: A need to relocate and expand Debenhams’ fulfilment and customer service operations, which also required major order management and integration development
  • Project: We designed and project managed the move to new service providers (mix of outsource and in-house), and ensured that the technology development and warehouse and customer services move was fully integrated
  • Outputs: This change, which more than doubled capacity with lower operating costs, was commissioned on time, on budget, and with minimal impact on customers. It also provides flexibility to meet future business requirements
  • Benefits: The new solution gave increased capacity at lower cost to Debenhams, and also provided future flexibility for change of fulfilment provider

"Our move of fulfilment services to a new supplier entailed major IT and business change that took 18 months to deliver. Javelin Group provided very effective programme management, keeping the commercial, contract, IT and physical change in line to deliver the solution. Javelin Group was an essential part of the success of this project."
David Worby, Head of Direct, Debenhams.

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Waitrose Deliver London: ‘Dark store’ design and development

Waitrose is rapidly developing its own grocery home shopping service, alongside the Ocado service. Waitrose decided to launch the service in London in 2011, and requested Javelin Group help in this launch. This included:

  • Market Size: Estimate the sales potential in London
  • Fulfilment Strategy: Whether to use stores to fulfil or a separate warehouse laid out like a store (‘dark store’)
  • Overall programme management
  • ‘Dark store’ operation and technology design, including warehouse selection and design
  • Implementation support

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Development of a new customer contact centre strategy

Waitrose was experiencing rapid growth in Waitrose Deliver, wider direct ecommerce and in the store estate. This was driving increased customer calls, letters and emails, which were being handled by Waitrose and an outsourced partner.

Javelin Group:

  • Developed the strategy for all the customer contact centres (at that time a mix of in-house and outsourced)
  • Wrote the business case for bringing contact centres in-house
  • Planned and project managed the transition to in-house with outsourcer used for peak support
  • Designed and implemented the management information for the new larger contact centre
  • Designed and built a robust spreadsheet-based workforece planning model
  • Provided interim management support

"Javelin Group perfectly responded to our brief and worked with us throughout the piece of work to ensure they were fully meeting our requirements. It is a testament to their thoroughness and competence that at their final presentation we had no unanswered questions and a clear focus for next steps."
Richard Luck, Manager Direct Gifting, eCommerce, Waitrose.

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Pets at Home

Development and implementation of local range and space

Pets at Home has a wide range of store sizes, ranging from 2k sq ft to 18k sq ft. Getting the right range in each store is a challenging task, and Pets at Home requested Javelin Group to develop a local range and space approach. To this end we:

  • Ensured that all stores had up to date and accurate space allocation data
  • Built a store database, with sales, profit, space, customer demographics and location data
  • Clustered the stores into 5 types; Urban/High Density; Towns/Suburbs; Rural/Low Density; Large Rural; Upmarket Rural
  • Modelled ideal space allocation by sub-category at store level, using space elasticity and adjacencies
  • Used simple business rules to make the space allocation recommendations practical
  • Tested recommendations in eight stores
  • Rolled out to the whole estate

In the year following full implementation, Pets at Home LFL sales grew by 10% of which a significant amount was due to local range and space changes.

"Javelin Group's space modelling work is delivering 3-4% like for like sales growth in our trial stores. We are now rolling it out across our 200 store estate."
John Farrell, Group Development Director, Pets at Home.

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American Golf

Stock reduction plan

American Golf has over 90 stores throughout the UK, selling golf equipment and clothing. Javelin Group was asked to review the stock position, and to recommend a detailed approach to reduce it. This involved:

  • Understanding root causes and main components of excess stock
  • Defining changes to buying and merchandising processes, team and systems to address the issues
  • Quantifying stock benefits of the recommendations
  • Developing a plan to implement the recommendations
  • Supporting the implementation

The recommendations were in three main areas:

  • Range planning and store grading
  • In season stock management
  • DC stock management

As a result of this work overall stock levels fell by 20%, and both availability and like for like sales increased.

"Javelin Group quickly identified a significant stock reduction opportunity and gave us clear guidelines for how this could be achieved. I am very pleased with the outcome of the project."
Nick Wood, CEO, American Golf.

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Direct Wines

New system to manage buying and merchandising

  • Background: Due to extensive international growth, Direct Wines had become increasingly unsatisfied with their buying and merchandising process.
  • Project: Direct Wines engaged Javelin Group to help manage a buying and merchandising project and to identify how a different approach to its wine range, its merchandising of those wines and its marketing of wine could make life simpler.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group helped Direct Wines to identify what software was available and suitable to integrate with its current systems, to ensure Direct Wines moved towards a much more robust and systemised way of working.
  • Benefits: Direct Wines has a more rigorous way of working with departments and now understand the benefits that can be derived, even prior to implementing any new system for managing buying and merchandising.

"We were very pleased with Javelin's insight, empathy, tenacity and recommendations. Now we just have to get on and implement their blue print."
Simon McMurtrie, Group Chief Executive, Direct Wines.

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Centralisation of design and buying operations

Damart is a multi-channel clothing retailer, operating across three countries, France, Belgium and the UK.

  • Background: Damart decided to centralise its design, buying and photography to provide one international collection which individual countries and channels could select from.
  • Project: Damart engaged Javelin Group to help with the centralisation process and critical path design, the new organisation structure, roles and responsibilities, and the technology enablers.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group worked with Damart, in French and English, to deliver their requirements and also managed the implementation process, which was a major change programme impacting the core business.

"This "new vision" programme has been very successful, delivering the benefits we wanted, and I’m very pleased with Javelin Group's work. I highly recommend them."
Jacques Destobbeleer, International Director of Product Offer, Damart Group.

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eCommerce Systems Integration

Doosan Infracore

B2B omni-channel dealer portal (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Doosan Infracore is a leading global manufacturer of construction, compact and heavy machinery, which is designed, built and supplied through a number of their own leading worldwide brands such as Bobcat. Doosan’s EMEA Parts business engaged Javelin Group to help develop a single trading platform for their B2B Bobcat and Portable Power brand customers, to reduce the reliance on a number of legacy business channels and systems.


Javelin Group delivered two portals in a phased approach, reducing the initial time to market for the first part of the solution. The project team worked closely with Doosan to ensure the solution met the business needs required for dealing with Doosan’s product range and B2B dealerships:

  • A dealer facing portal was delivered that presented product ranges and pricing specific to individual dealerships, as well as order and quote placement and comprehensive views on account histories.
  • A CSR portal was also delivered to handle workflow and management of claims and bulk returns from dealerships, a process that had previously been performed ‘on paper’.
  • The overall solution provides a clear, up-to-date and consistent view of omni-channel dealer order and return data across both portals, for both Doosan and their customers.


The implementation of the dealer and CSR portals has benefitted Doosan by providing a much improved customer service offering, a more flexible and intuitive dealer ordering system and more automation and upfront validation for returns through the full lifecycle.

Following the success of this project Javelin Group continue to work closely with Doosan Infracore on projects that now involve a wider-remit than just their EMEA Parts business.

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Development and implementation of Pottermore website

  • Background: The Pottermore Shop is the exclusive place to purchase e-books, as well as digital audio books of the entire Harry Potter series.
  • Project: Pottermore engaged Javelin Group to develop a complex and international ecommerce site that provides fans with a flexible approach to the digital reading experience.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group developed a multilingual, multicurrency Pottermore site, with an innovative unique digital download and watermarking solution. The website was built with the ability to push out each purchased e-book to most leading e-reading services, such as tablets and smartphones, therefore allowing the Harry Potter e-books to be accessible to all.
  • Benefits: The technical build of Pottermore Shop, led by Javelin Group, has “attracted a huge number of Harry Potter fans, as well as those new to Harry Potter.” Furthermore, it has enabled Pottermore to continue to meet its ambitions of “enhancing the Shop alongside the unique online Harry Potter experience,”

"We chose Javelin Group to support us in developing the Shop, due to its proven experience in developing large scale transactional websites for retailers, and we have continued to engage the firm for the on-going website development including the new Japanese site."
Julian Thomas, CTO, Pottermore.

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Selection and implementation of new ecommerce website

Lakeland was looking to grow its omni-channel retail business with a new, highly sophisticated ecommerce website which offers customers excellent levels of service and presents Lakeland’s innovative range of products in the best possible light. The aim was to simplify the online buying process and to help customers shop online with the same ease they would encounter in a Lakeland store. Lakeland also required a wide variety of easy to use emarketing and content management tools for its business users.


  • Javelin Group was engaged to select the ecommerce website platform and related technologies to create a ‘best of breed’ solution
  • Javelin Group’s proposed solution included the hybris ecommerce platform, Adobe’s Marketing suite including Omniture Merchandising and Site Catalyst analytics, Baynote’s real-time recommendation engine, and Silverpop’s e-CRM system for promotional and transactional email messaging
  • The Javelin Group team implemented the solution, configuring and integrating the multiple applications to create a highly sophisticated solution incorporating targeted merchandising, sophisticated multivariate testing, and easy search and navigation
  • The solution also included powerful business management tools to enable the Lakeland team to manage and update specific areas of the site quickly and easily, creating a real time online trading environment


The new ecommerce website is an advanced trading platform with a very rich targeted merchandising capability and the scalability and flexibility to support Lakeland’s diverse requirements well into the future. It incorporates many innovative functions including personalisation, multivariate testing, recommendations and active merchandising.

"Our new website offers excellent product presentation, hundreds of demo videos and extensive customer reviews, simple and easy search and navigation, a virtual catalogue, a strong ‘active merchandising’ capability which enables us to recommend the right products to our customers based on their behaviour and the preferences of other customers similar to them, sophisticated promotions functionality, a streamlined and intuitive customer journey, multi-variate testing capability and extensive tagging for better analytics so that we can continually learn and improve the site. Javelin Group has succeeded in the very challenging task of integrating the many components and systems necessary to fulfil this vision, and we are delighted with the outcome."
Tony Preedy, Marketing Director, Lakeland.

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Mothercare Early Learning Centre

eCommerce strategy and implementation of new ecommerce website

Mothercare was looking to expand its business via online sales and its network of international franchises. A long term plan was needed to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience via a single web platform for both ELC and international websites. An initial phase was undertaken to deliver a replacement of the ELC web platform tightly integrated with ELC backend systems, such as call centre, order management and fulfilment. A second phase focused on the rollout of international websites on the common platform.


  • Mothercare ELC hired Javelin Group to plan and implement the right technology and ecommerce strategy.
  • Demandware was selected by Mothercare and implemented successfully by a full Javelin Group team, with ELC going live in June 2010.
  • The support of the ELC website was transitioned to Javelin Group’s solution support team.


The technology and strategy solution has been a great success and Mothercare has engaged Javelin Group to begin on the design of the site on the same Demandware platform. This will also include the development of a web-enable store-front phase and enhancements to support call centre systems.

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Design and implementation of new mobile commerce website

Given its reputation for outstanding customer service, Lakeland wanted to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for its customers across all channels, including mobile. Javelin Group, who designed and developed Lakeland’s ground-breaking ecommerce website, was engaged to design and deliver a mobile-optimised site, offering customers excellent user experience.


  • The new mobile-optimised website is fully integrated into the base ecommerce platform, and therefore offers customers all of the functionality found on Lakeland’s desktop website. This includes the same search and browse, segmentations, promotions, and product information and reviews.
  • Customers to the mobile website benefit from a a shared basket with the desktop website and a mobile-optimised checkout.
  • By using the same technology to drive both the desktop and mobile site, the Lakeland team benefits from rapid and synchronised rollout of new function, products and marketing content across the two channels.
  • The result is a functionally-rich mobile optimised website which is fully integrated and synchronised with the base desktop platform, offering a consistently good user experience for customers and a common set of tools for business users across the two channels.


"We are extremely proud of our new mobile commerce website and the exceptional user experience it offers our customers. Javelin Group has again successfully delivered a challenging project, and it was a pleasure to work with the team."
Tony Preedy, Marketing Director, Lakeland.

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Mothercare Early Learning Centre

New mobile commerce website

Early Learning Centre (ELC), the UK’s leading toy retailer, wanted a rapid implementation of a mobile commerce website, with a complete product portfolio and full integration into its main ecommerce website and back office systems. ELC already had an ecommerce website built by Javelin Group on the Demandware platform.


  • Javelin Group developed the mobile commerce website using in-built capabilities of the ELC platform to deliver a user experience optimised for the smartphone ‘browser-buyer’ market.
  • Customers to the mobile website benefit from a full product list, site functionality consistent with the main ELC website, and a shared basket and purchase process.
  • ELC benefits from simplified on-going management of both websites through a single set of business tools.
  • Javelin Group designed and built the mobile commerce website in just three months.


"In January this year, we made a tough request of Javelin Group to help us move into mobile ecommerce by delivering our mobile site by April. They met this challenge, working efficiently with our team to deliver a high quality site within our budget and timeframe. We have already seen an uptake of the site with orders being taken on the first day of our soft launch. We are very happy with the solution which has been delivered to us by Javelin Group."
Jas Virdee, Executive Director, Mothercare ELC.

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Product Information Management (PIM) solution

  • Background: With an extensive and evolving product inventory, Halfords required a solution to manage product data and to help its customers make informed, confident choices about products.
  • Projects: Halfords engaged Javelin Group to integrate a PIM solution into its existing ecommerce platform and search solution.
  • Solution: Javelin Group selected the Heiler PIM solution which provides Halfords with a consistent, centralised tool for storing and distributing all key customer-facing product data and enables product attributes to be linked to the search functionality. Javelin Group’s solution helps Halfords to add new products to the website more quickly, reducing the time to market. The new website functionality allows customers to easily navigate the site, benefiting from richer and more detailed product information, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

"We are delighted with our new PIM solution and the enhanced customer experience it provides across our web, mobile and tablet sites. Javelin Group has been central to the delivery of this project, from their expertise in technology strategy to experience in development. It has been a pleasure to work with the Javelin Group team on this project."
Clive West, Digital Director, Halfords.

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Locations & Analytics


Store expansion strategy

  • Background: Poundland, the UK’s market leading single price discount retailer, is planning further growth following its recent acquisition by Warburg Pincus.
  • Project: Poundland engaged Javelin Group to provide a clear, evidence-based strategy for the next phase of store expansion.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group built a comprehensive picture of Poundland’s store portfolio, including catchment areas, venues and store details and provided them with detailed information on the variables that drive sales and profit performance across its stores.
  • Benefits: Javelin Group’s recommendations provided Poundland with a clear strategic direction, as well as a clear list of priority venues.

"Javelin Group’s analytical approach was rigorous, flexible and impressive. The team's recommendations made strong intuitive and commercial sense...we certainly recommend Javelin Group and look forward to working with them again in the future."
Craig Bales, Property Director, Poundland.

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Retail estate expansion strategy

  • Background: BrightHouse required a scientific approach to location planning in order to reduce risk and increase forecasting accuracy.
  • Project: BrightHouse engaged Javelin Group to establish a list of priority store opening opportunities to fuel its ongoing growth and compliment its complex business model.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group provided a detailed knowledge of store performance at local level, with analysis based on understanding inter-relation between stores, venues and catchments.
  • Benefits: The results have helped BrightHouse to refine its location search criteria and to approach new markets with even more confidence.

"We really enjoyed working with the Javelin Group team, and were delighted with the project’s result."
Peter McTague, Property Director, BrightHouse.

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Carphone Warehouse

“Town-print” store estate strategy

  • Background: The impact of multi-channel retailing on the UK high street meant Carphone Warehouse wanted to better understand the patterns of store performance across its chain.
  • Project: Carphone Warehouse engaged Javelin Group to develop a “Town-print” store estate strategy to help shape its chain for the next three years.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group brought together a unique combination of useful proprietary datasets, along with analytical and technical expertise in mining the store, venue and catchment datasets.
  • Benefits: Javelin Group’s approach helped Carphone Warehouse to achieve strong buy-in from the Board for a comprehensive investment strategy that will be delivered over the next three years.

"The team were flexible in their approach and integrated well with our own senior management. They also had a clear vision of the impact of multi-channel retailing on the UK high street, to give us the right strategic direction for our portfolio. They were a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them."
Grahame Smith, Group Property Director, Carphone Warehouse UK & Europe.

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The Grosvenor Liverpool Fund

Liverpool ONE shopping centre assessment

  • Background: Liverpool ONE opened in 2008 and is a mixed-use development in the heart of Liverpool city centre.
  • Project: The Grosvenor Liverpool Fund engaged Javelin Group to provide an assessment of Liverpool ONE shopping centre.
  • Outputs: Javelin Group provided The Grosvenor Liverpool Fund with real insight into how retailers operate, catchment profiling and the impact Liverpool ONE has had on regional shopping patterns since its opening in 2008.
  • Benefits: Javelin Group’s work has played an important role in “helping us understand the scheme’s potential, and has highlighted some immediate and tangible areas for us to tackle to improve our delivery further.”

"Javelin Group’s first three years of involvement have exceeded our expectations for the assignment. We have extended our relationship by another three years and are looking forward to working with Javelin Group in making Liverpool ONE the No.1 shopping destination in the North West."
Miles Dunnett, Head of Asset Management, Grosvenor Fund Management.

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Network Rail

Space Optimisation Model developed by Javelin Group

Network Rail's commercial team has developed a Space Optimisation System for the Property divison, in conjunction with Javelin Group.

  • Background: This project represents a step change in Network Rail’s capability to plan ‘space’ on managed stations and to develop a thorough and consistent approach for determining the true commercial potential of each station, based on an optimized retail category mix that delivers the strongest proposition to customers and greatest rental return.
  • Project: Network Rail’s commercial team engaged Javelin Group to develop a Space Optimisation Model to help identify potential sales and income growth from better space planning on stations
  • Outputs: Javelin Group developed a model that delivers one consistent view of the retail market and consumer trends as well as customer demographics in and around stations
  • Benefits: Javelin Group’s Space Optimisation Model allows Network Rail to have a more objective ‘traveller-centric’ approach to allocating space. With its user friendly interface, Network Rail can create permutations and combinations around space allocation based on current and projected use of available and planned space.

This model will become a central and ongoing part of Network Rail’s commercial planning and decision making process and future station development projects.

"I just wanted to thank Javelin Group for all the hard work and effort that went into producing Network Rail's Space Optimisation Model. We are really looking forward to utilising the tool to help drive the continual development of our tenant mix and through that deliver additional income which is then reinvested back into the Rail industry. I’m sure we will be working together again soon."
Daniel Charles, Retail Operations Manager, Network Rail.

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Location model developed by Javelin Group to assess new site locations

ByBox was founded with a simple mission: to solve the problem of having to wait in for parcels to be delivered, or having to queue at your local depot on a Saturday morning. To this end, ByBox installs banks of lockers in convenient locations such as train stations, supermarkets, self-storage and petrol station forecourts, for customers to use whenever it is convenient to them. ByBox can be used via integrated retailers and by signing up to the service directly via There are now more than 350 parcel delivery lockers around the UK located either close to residential areas, in retail centres, or on daily commuting routes.

  • Background: The rise of ecommerce has allowed ByBox to consider expanding the number of parcel delivery lockers around the country
  • Project: ByBox engaged Javelin Group to develop an analytical approach to assessing the suitability of new sites for lockers
  • Outputs: Javelin Group built a bespoke web-based location model assessing a range of factors for new site locations, which allowed for easy analysis and reporting. ByBox access the model via Javelin Group’s Analytics Gallery, which is a private and secure, web-based software tool. This allows ByBox to run its analysis via wizards and generate a series of spreadsheets and formatted reports, containing maps and charts.
  • Benefits: Javelin Group's bespoke location model allows ByBox to assess and choose new site locations for its banks of lockers

ByBox are now working with Javelin Group to promote the service via a targeted email marketing campaign, drawing on the customer insight gained during the project.

"The location model developed with Javelin Group gives us the necessary analysis to assess viability of new locations, focusing our efforts on only the best new locations. The web-based interface is really simple to use and being web-based means we can access reports whether in the office or onsite with a potential new site host."
Alexandra Korda, Director, ByBox.

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Steinhoff International

Turnover forecast model developed by Javelin Group to predict sales

  • Background: Steinhoff International is an integrated retailer that manufactures, sources and retails furniture and household goods, owning well-known brands such as Harveys, Benson for Beds, Bedshed and Cargo
  • Project: Steinhoff’s group property team engaged Javelin Group to develop a turnover a turnover forecast model to predict sales to support new retail store openings
  • Outputs: The team selected Alteryx to run the model, a powerful analytics engine that can simulate new store openings by changing different model factors in real time, not possible using traditional market analysis packages
  • Benefits: Javelin Group’s turnover model allows Steinhoff International to "produce consistent store appraisals utilising multiple sources of data quickly and easily."

Alongside the turnover models, Steinhoff has created a series of analytical workflows that combine, standardise and automate analysis of multiple data sources. The team create professional looking maps and reports to support and inform each retail brand, as well as becoming a standard input into board meetings.

"Working with Javelin Group has transformed our approach to retail store planning. We can now produce consistent store appraisals utilising multiple sources of data quickly and easily. In addition, our investment in Alteryx has allowed us to realise many other uses and applications, for example, our Group Finance team use the software to support their store based financial reporting. We’re very pleased to be using Alteryx and working with Javelin Group."
Gordon Forsyth, Group Property Director, Steinhoff International.

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Marketing campaign for new customer acquisition

  • Background: Citroën wanted to create a targeted marketing campaign for specific Citroen car dealerships, to support sales of new and used Citroën cars.
  • Solution: Javelin Group profiled Citroën’s customer database using a household segmentation to reveal the characteristics of customers most likely to buy a new or used car. Using the UK’s largest consumer research questionnaire, Javelin Group overlaid the Citroën profile against consumers that had indicated they were interested in changing their car in the next six months. This created a targeted list of prospective customers based on a detailed consumer insight profile who were then invited into the car showroom for a VIP event.
  • Outputs: A prospect pool was generated containing the full contact details, including name, address, email address and telephone number. This allowed each consumer to be contacted and tracked through the sales process.
  • Benefits: Over half of all sales in the selected dealerships were as a direct result of this targeted campaign, which in the words of the dealership managers was ‘unprecedented’.

"The marketing campaign using Javelin Group data gave remarkable and unprecedented results. I was very pleased with the insight this project delivered and would recommend the team at Javelin Group."
Adam Blackwell, Business Development Manager, Citroën UK.

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